Champlain College Online Student Stories: KJ

Kristopher (KJ) Johnston graduated from Champlain College Online in 2017 with a B.S. in Computer Forensics.

My experience attending Champlain College Online has been fantastic. I have experienced classes at three other institutions, and each one had the feeling the online classes were an afterthought. Champlain has put a lot of hard work and effort into bringing the physical classroom experience to the online classroom world.

The classroom technology used (Canvas) is the best platform I have used to date. It makes it clear what is expected of the student by each instructor, with a syllabus available upfront and a  modules section that has things clearly organized by week to assist non-traditional students as they work to include schooling in their busy lives. The discussions section brings a sense of real conversation and camaraderie to the class. Homework is topical and appropriate for each class, and I never felt there was too much or too little.

The online learning platform also made it easy for me to work wherever I was. I used the app in airports, on airplanes, in hotels - once I was in an Uber in San Francisco, looking at posts and responding to them on my phone, because an assignment was due.

Champlain has, in my experience, put a significant amount of thought and effort into its online programs and it is my honor and pleasure to be an alum of such a wonderful school. I I can't say enough good things about Champlain College Online - I've talked to a number of people considering going back to school and I've told them all, "you've got to check out Champlain."