Academic Advising Team Champlain College Online

Academic Advisors for Online Students

Adult learners are Champlain College Online's specialty. Attending college as a busy adult, whether you're returning after years away or starting for the very first time, can be challenging. That's why you'll immediately start building a relationship with one of our advisors upon enrollment. Your advisor will play an important role in helping you identify and achieve your academic goals by providing high-touch support over the phone or by email, whichever method of communication you prefer. We're committed to making sure your Champlain experience is positive and productive and results in success.    

Your advisor will be able to help you with:  

  • The details of your program, including the courses you need, when those courses are offered and the requirements you need to meet in order to graduate
  • Champlain resources, including time management and stress management support
  • Connecting you with tutors, help with the online classroom, career resources, library support and more
  • Staying on track, especially if you need to take some time away from your education


Meet Champlain College Online's Advising Team:

Jennifer Stockwell, Director of CPS Advising Jennifer Stockwell, MS
CCO Advising  
(802) 865-5463

Sarah Calnan, Academic Advisor Sarah Calnan
Academic Advisor      
(802) 651-5942

Sarah's Program:

Markeith Chavous, Academic Advisor Markeith Chavous
Academic Advisor      
(802) 865-5468

Markeith's Programs:

Emily Fenuccio, Academic Advisor Emily Fenuccio
Academic Advisor
(802) 383-6292

Emily's Programs:

Alyssa Helme, Academic Advisor Alyssa Helme, MS
Sr. Academic Advisor      
(802) 865-8974

Alyssa's Programs:

Isabella Jeso, Sr. Academic Advisor Isabella Jeso, PhD
Sr. Academic Advisor          
(802) 651-5936
Isabella's Programs:

Janet Morrison, Academic Advisor Janet Morrison, PhD
Associate Director
CCO Advising
(802) 651-5826
Janet's Programs:

Kaelyn Murray, Academic Advisor Kaelyn Murray
Academic Advisor    
(802) 865-5735
Kaelyn's Programs:
  • Healthcare Administration (BS & MS)
  • MBA

Emily Peters, Sr. Academic Advisor Emily Peters, MS
Sr. Academic Advisor
(802) 865-5726
Emily's Programs:

Linda Reid, Sr. Academic Advisor Linda Reid, MS
Sr. Academic Advisor          
(802) 865-8429
Linda's Program:

Caroline Steele, Academic Advisor Caroline Steele
Academic Advisor
(802) 860-2745
Caroline's Programs:

Corrine Noveti Corinne Novetti
Academic Advisor
(802) 865-6461
Corinne's Program:
  • M.Ed and Graduate Certificate in Early Childhood Education