Marty Engelken
Affiliated with Champlain College Online, Online Business Management Programs

I was born and raised on a farm in Iowa (not far from the Field of Dreams, part of which is owned by my relatives!). Looking back on those days, I realize how simple yet enjoyable they were.

Until nine years ago, I was a part time administrator (Assistant Program Director, Business and Management Program) and part time faculty member (2 courses per semester). As I jokingly put it, I worked full time for part time pay. Before coming to Champlain I was the Chairperson of the Business and Economics Department at Trinity College until it closed several years ago. And before my college professor life I was a career Air Force pilot.

I have given up the administrative role and now just teach three courses online each semester from Florida! I'm sure some of you are green with envy, but I miss the snow and skiing in the winter, and Church Street in the summer.

I have 2 graduate degrees, an MBA and a Master's in Safety Administration. I have around 20 or so additional credits as well. As is the case with so many adult learners, some of my credits didn't transfer as I moved from place to place, hence the extra 20 credit hours.

I've been teaching online at Champlain for 8 years. Before beginning to teach online, I completed 4 graduate courses in route to a certificate in Distance Learning; these courses were delivered online from UCLA.

Other than teaching, my primary interests/hobbies are golf, travel, hiking and skiing (both downhill and cross-country). I definitely believe that a bad day of golf is infinitely better than a good day at work. My favorite travel destination is Switzerland, followed closely by Italy.

I am married and have four adult children, one of whom lives in Vermont; the other three are in various locations in Florida.

As far as the functional areas of business are concerned, I'm most interested in Organizational Behavior, Management, Operations Management, Strategic Management, and Finance. My MBA included several courses in each of the functional areas, and my positions in Academic Management have given me real life, operational experience in all areas, including Finance, Marketing and Product Development.

I love all business courses (o.k., maybe not accounting), but my favorites are strategic management, economics, and finance. I'm a strong believer in the seminar type of course, particularly those where the student takes responsibility for his or her learning, and recognizes that the ultimate learning and application takes place in the workplace.

Volunteer Activities

I believe that one of the things that a makes our country strong is the level of participation in volunteer activities, and I try to do my part.  I'm a lay minister in my  church, and assist in auditing Sunday collections.  My favorite charity is the Wounded Warrior  Project, and I help them in any manner I can.   I'm pretty handy at minor household repairs, and frequently fix faucets, repair chairs, etc. for widows and the wives of service men serving overseas.


Personal Interests

I'm a Starbucks fan.  One of my favorite activities is heading to our local Starbucks early in the morning, read the New York Times online, catch up on my courses, and watch the sun rise over the horizon.  I probably am more productive in those first few hours than I am the rest of the day!




Learning is a process people do, not a process that is done to people.