Online Graduate Certificate in Positive Organization Development

Would you like to become a more effective champion of positive change within your organization? Through Champlain College’s graduate Certificate in Positive Organization Development, that was first offered by The David L. Cooperrider Center for Appreciative Inquiry and is now available to adult learners across the country, you'll gain a strong foundational knowledge in leading-edge topics, including positive organizational scholarship, positive psychology, inquiry-based leadership and Appreciative Inquiry (AI). The first of its kind, this groundbreaking online graduate certificate program will provide you with strong grounding in the philosophies, theories, applications and practice of Positive Organization Development.

This cutting-edge program focuses on strength-based leadership and Appreciative Inquiry. AI, co-developed by Dr. David Cooperrider, has created a positive revolution in organizational change, and built a framework that organizations across the globe have used to flourish. AI’s strengths-based approach embodies innovation and collaboration and creates a framework for these to arise from within an organization organically. Positive communication among all stakeholders improves creativity, teamwork and commitment.

Champlain's Positive Organization Development Online Graduate Certificate will teach you to:

  • Apply theories and methodologies of strength-based organization change including Appreciative Inquiry, positive psychology and positive organizational behavior to generate value within organizational systems
  • Create and apply effective questions that facilitate positive change within organizational contexts at the interpersonal, team and system level
  • Design and implement Appreciative Inquiry-based organizational interventions
  • Choose appropriate strength-based assessment tools and apply them to create and sustain positive organizational change

Note: Federal financial aid is only available for associate, bachelor's and master's degree programs. Stand-alone certificate programs are ineligible for financial aid.


Course #Course TitleCredits
POD 500 Foundations of Positive Organizational Change 3
POD 530 The Art of Question: Inquiry-Based Change in Organizations 3
POD 560 Advanced Applications of Appreciative Inquiry 3
POD 570 Strength-based Assessment & Analysis Methods 3
POD 580* Sages Seminar* 3
Total Credits to Earn this Standalone Certificate: 15
Total Credits to Earn this Embedded Certificate in the MBA Program: 12

 *POD 580 Sages Seminar is not required if students are selecting the Positive Organization Development certificate as an embedded certificate within a master's degree program.