Online Graduate Certificate in Health Care Administration

The online Health Care Administration Graduate Certificate covers areas of essential knowledge for healthcare leaders and managers at the graduate level. This core knowledge is beneficial to midcareer healthcare professionals looking to enhance their careers or get a jump start on a graduate degree in a healthcare-related field.

Each 3-credit course in the certificate program will be completed over an 8-week term. The Health Care Administration Graduate Certificate can be taken as a stand-alone certificate,* as part of the MS in Health Care Administration program (all classes fully transfer into the degree program) or as part of the MBA program. When taken as part of the MBA program, students can choose to take either HCMT 527: Health Care Finance or MBA 524: Financial Decision Making, which are part of the MBA core curriculum. 

By taking this graduate-level online certificate, you will be able to: 

  • Explain and compare the organizational elements and structure, delivery modalities and barriers to system and process improvement (including past, current and future information technology processes) for US and global healthcare systems, and, using existing and proposed system designs and innovative and design thinking, conceptualize more effective systems.
  • Maintain accurate financial records, prepare budgets, analyze variance and assess financial opportunities and risks, making recommendations for action based on organizational goals, data visualizations, management techniques and GAAP metrics.
  • Apply the methodologies used in healthcare finance and reimbursement processes to evaluate and execute decisions regarding optimal organizational and system direction.
  • Create policy and processes, and execute decisions in compliance with the legal, regulatory and ethical considerations inherent in managing healthcare systems and organizations, with particular attention to information technology processes and structure and how these considerations impact all aspects of healthcare delivery.
  • Develop innovative solutions to strategic, tactical and operational issues in managing healthcare systems and associated information technology through the combined use of information, data analytics, organizational knowledge, talent management and critical and design thinking.

*Note: Federal financial aid is only available for associate, bachelor's and master's degree programs. Stand-alone certificate programs are ineligible for financial aid.


Course #Course TitleCredits
HCMT 515 Health Care System Design and Innovation 3
HCMT 523 Health Care Information Systems 3
HCMT 527  Health Care Finance 
HCMT 535 Health Care Law 3
HCMT 545 Health Care Project Management & Innovation 3
Total Credits to Earn This Certificate:  15
Total Credits for Embedded Certificate in MBA: 12