Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the online MBA program at Champlain College Online, students will be able to:

  • Communicate effectively in business settings, including developing and articulating logical and persuasive arguments, marshaling supporting evidence and distinguishing fact from opinion
  • Identify problems and formulate solutions in a way that utilizes a systems thinking approach that recognizes change will never happen to just one thing, regardless of the solution
  • Evaluate risk in business scenarios by questioning underlying assumptions and emerging patterns, brainstorming solutions, and investigating factors that can lead to, or have led to, success and incorporate those factors innovatively into future decisions 
  • Using a systems approach, evaluate the effect of an increasingly global and diverse environment on an organization, and consider internal systems such as relationships, finance and operations, as well as interfirm relationships
  • Use design thinking to generate innovative approaches to leading in today's fast-changing organizations, with a focus on navigating competitive, political and economic environments
  • Develop an ethical approach to business planning by using quantitative analyses, balanced with competing qualitative factors, including interpretation of financial statements and recognition of stakeholder's contending interests
  • Use design and systems thinking to create a strategic vision and plan that recognizes the need for continual adaptation to the environment and the integration among all parts of the organization as well as outside the organization
  • Formulate a personal leadership mission statement and presence that reflects insights into yourself, others and the changing business environment in the context of political realities and competing points of view