Online MS in Health Care Admin Curriculum

Our curriculum of the MS in Health Care Administration courses has been designed to offer health care administration master's students an innovative approach to addressing the changing landscape of healthcare informed by design thinking and data analytics.

Online Courses

 Course # Course TitleCredits
HCMT 515 Health Care System Design and Innovation 3
HCMT 523 Health Care Information Systems 3
HCMT 527 Health Care Finance 3
HCMT 535 Health Care Law 3
HCMT 555 Health Care Performance Innovation 3
MBA 521 Information for Decision Making, Business Analysis, & Performance 3
HCMT 560 Leading Health Care Talent 3
HCMT 545 Health Care Project Management and Innovation 3
HCMT 565 Healthcare Leadership and Innovation 3
HCMT 595 Integrative Capstone in Health Care Administration 3
Total Credits to Earn This Degree: 30