Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the online MS in Human Relations & Organization Development, graduates will be able to:

  • Integrate the expertise and value of a human resource lens into an organization's strategy to strengthen its ability to meet strategic goals.
  • Design a workplace culture that will lead to engaged workers, developing leaders and a creative and inspiring workplace.
  • Envision a reflective, self-aware and engaged leader using a human resources lens and how such a leader might be developed.
  • Cultivate a leadership/coaching approach that will develop agile employees, creative teams and effective problem solvers. 
  • Integrate ethical frameworks into an organization's culture and problem solving techniques. 
  • Use culturally competent communication skills that demonstrate a developed multicultural worldview to promote respectful, reciprocal interactions.
  • Synthesize appropriate Human Resource metrics and other analytics to make knowledgeable decisions that improve the efficiency of recruitment, training, development and retention of employees and align the Human Resource strategy with the organization's strategy and purpose.