Transfer Credits for Online Students

Get the Transfer Credit You Deserve

Champlain College developed our transfer credit policy to make it easier and more affordable for you to complete your degree. We know that as an adult student, you are not just an older version of an 18-year-old undergraduate. You have needs, skills and knowledge that traditional-age students do not.

At Champlain, we want you to get all the credit you deserve for that experience. With our generous transfer credit policy, you are eligible to transfer in up to 90 credits toward your bachelor's degree, or 45 credits toward your associate degree. (Please note that you are required to complete a minimum of 30 credits at Champlain College to earn your bachelor's degree, and a minimum of 15 credits to earn your associate degree.) Once you apply, we can work with you to determine your eligibility to receive:


To earn transfer credits for prior college experience, you must submit either official ("raised seal") copies of your transcripts in the original, sealed envelope from the sending college or university, or official e-transcripts. View transcript details here. All previous college credit will be reviewed individually, course by course once you have applied to a Champlain College Online program.  


As an adult, you bring a lot to the table, including life experience that could be applied toward your Champlain degree. When you apply for admission, we will evaluate your potential credit based upon your responses to a series of questions in your application about your academic and professional experiences, including:

  • Professional Training

If you have been involved in training that resulted in credentialing or a certification, we will determine if there's a college credit equivalency. View professional development submission requirements here. Should we determine equivalency is merited, you will be awarded college credit for a specific course(s) and that course(s) will be noted as a transfer credit on your transcript. These training experiences will not be assigned a grade, and the courses will come in as transfer credit.

  • "Test Out"

You can opt out of a course and earn credit by demonstrating competency in a subject area. Earning a grade of "C" or better in the homework, final exam, final project and/or by some other means pre-determined by the Program Director enables you to earn Transfer credit for that course. At Champlain College, we call this "Test Out." If you would like to pursue this option, there is a $150 per course fee. There is no refund for this fee if you don't earn the grade necessary to receive the credit. Students are urged to work directly with their academic advisors to determine how test out can complement their academic programs.

For other possible transfer credit options and more information, see our Transfer Credit FAQ.

To learn more about transfer credit opportunities, speak to a member of our admissions team by calling (888) 545-3459 or filling out our contact form