Online Undergraduate Certification in C++ Programming 

Champlain College Online's C++ Programming Certificate provides a solid foundation in object- oriented programming in one of the most widely used programming language today. Earn your C++ certificate online at Champlain College and enter this career field with a credential employers will respect.

Graduates of our online C++ Programming Certificate will be able to:

  • Use an integrated development environment (IDE) to write, debug and test programs
  • Recognize and incorporate programming elements such as loops, decision making, functions, variables, and object-oriented constructs into applications that solve real world problems
  • Learn about efficient data structures and algorithms and their design, analysis, implementation and application for common tasks such as searching and sorting data; algorithms will be examined using diagrams, animations, and sample C++ code
  • Extend your knowledge to Microsoft's .NET's architecture using the C++ programming language to build applications using advanced computing technologies and techniques such as LINQ, inheritance, polymorphism, exception handling, GUI design and XML

Note: Federal financial aid is only available for associate, bachelor's and master's degree programs. Stand-alone certificate programs are ineligible for financial aid.

Benefits of a C++ Programming Certification From Champlain

At Champlain College Online, we understand how important it is for busy working adults to gain knowledge and expertise quickly, which is why our C++ programming certificate courses are applicable to the real world from day one, and are offered 100% online, allowing you to participate at days and times convenient to you. Our C++ programming certificate online can be completed in less than a year, allowing you to get started in your new career path sooner. Whether you've already earned an undergraduate degree or you're currently pursuing your bachelor's degree, taking C++ programming courses online is a great way to earn a credential in the programming field, get your resume noticed, and demonstrate proficiency in a focused area of knowledge.

C++ Programming Certificate Program Curriculum*

Our undergraduate certificate in C++ programming is designed for working adults, and equips students with the principles of C++ programming that can be applied to their workplaces from day one, covering topics such as computer science fundamentals, discrete mathematics, data structures and algorithms, and Linux/Unix programming. 

When you study C++ programming online, you will be taking C++ programming classes, professional courses, and technical courses, all of which are focused and relevant to today's programming professionals. And because all of our C++ programming certificate courses count towards our Software Development associate and bachelor's degrees, as well as our Computer & Information Systems (CIS) bachelor's degree, your certificate can be earned as either a stand-alone credential or as a step along your path to a degree.

 Course # Course TitleCredits
CMIT 135 Introduction to Computer Systems 3
SDEV 240 C++ Programming I (15-week course) 3
SDEV 340 C++ Programming II (15-week course) 3
MATH 270 Discrete Mathematics (15-week course) 3
SDEV 345 Data Structures & Algorithms (15-week course) 3
SDEV 415 Linux/Unix Programming I (15-week course) 3
Total Credits to Earn This Degree:  18

*Some courses in this certificate program may have prerequisites. Please click on the course name for a description and prerequisite information. If prerequisites are listed that are not currently part of the certificate program please call an Admissions Representative at 888-545-3459 for more information.

Why Champlain?

All of Champlain College's undergraduate certificate programs were designed with the adult learner in mind. All are offered in areas essential to today's job market, and are designed to be taught with the needs of busy working adults in mind: with immediate professional relevance, real-world application, and collaborative instruction from faculty that are experts in their fields. Our courses are offered in a convenient, 100% online format, accessible at any time, from anywhere, allowing you to fit your classwork into your schedule in a way that works for you. And because Champlain College is dedicated to offering a high-quality higher education experience, you'll be gaining both knowledge in your field of interest, and broadly-applicable skills essential to success in the modern workplace, such as critical thinking, problem solving, and communication. Earning a certificate from Champlain College Online means obtaining a respected credential from an accredited, nonprofit institution with a 140-year legacy of career-focused higher education, named the "Most Innovative School" in the North by U.S. News & World Report. 

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