Online Forensic Accounting Certificate

This online Forensic Accounting Certificate provides students with a foundation of forensic knowledge and accounting expertise. 

Our online Forensic Accounting Certificate will:

  • Teach you the relationship between technology and information in the accounting profession
  • Show you how to find and gather digital information for a criminal investigation
  • Provide you with a firm knowledge of criminal law and its application to cybercrime in the accounting arena
  • Explain accounting and IT internal controls, and how weaknesses in these controls may be fraudulently exploited
  • Be taken alongside our Computer Forensics students, providing an opportunity to integrate both disciplines

Note: Federal financial aid is only available for associate, bachelor's, and master's degree programs. Stand-alone certificate programs are ineligible for financial aid.


 Course # Course TitleCredits
ACCT 280 Forensic Accounting 3
ACCT 350 Accounting Information Systems 3
ACCT 420 Auditing 3
CFDI 240 Digital Forensic Investigation Techniques 3
CFDI 350 White- Collar Crime 3
CFDI 360 Cybercrime 3
CRIM 225 Law of Searching & Seizing Digital Evidence 3
Total Credits to Earn This Certificate: 21

* Some courses in this certificate program may have prerequisites. Please click on the course name for a description and prerequisite information. If prerequisites are listed that are not currently part of the certificate program please call an admissions representative at 888-545-3459 for more information.