Meal Plans & Pricing

Meal Plan Options

  • Residential Student: If you're living on campus you have what is known as "Carte Blanche" Meal Plan. This means you have unlimited access when going to the IDX Dining Hall. Residential meal plans include three guest meals in IDX per semester and additional guest meals can be purchsed at the door price. In addition each student with a "Carte Blanche" meal plan will receive $150 in "Resident Flex" each semester on your Champlain ID card. 

  • Commuter Students: If you're living in off-campus housing,  you may choose to purchase one of two Commuter Meal Plans. If you wish to learn more about these meal plans or purchase one, please click on this link,  Commuter Meal Plans.

  • Faculty and Staff: We offer a plan of 25 meals at the IDX Dining Hall for all faculty and staff of Champlain College. Please click on this link to purchase a Employee and Staff Meal Plan.

Meal Prices at the IDX Dining Hall

  • Breakfast $6.75
  • Lunch $8.75
  • Dinner $10.75
  • Specialty Dinner $11.00
  • Late Night $8.75
  • Weekend Brunch $8.75

Dining Hours of Operation

Sick Meals

  • Sick meals are for when you're feeling under the weather and can't make it out of the dorm.
  • Ask your roommate or RA to print and bring a sick meal form to the dining hall and we will set you up with a meal. We will prepare it and they can bring it back for you. 

Click here for SICK meal form