Housing & Tuition Deposit

Housing and Tuition Deposits are Due March 15

Tuition Deposits:

Students returning full-time for the academic year must pay a $500 tuition deposit before registering for fall courses. Your tuition deposit will be applied to your 2018 Fall semester statement. Students who do not submit their tuition deposit by March 15 may not be able to register for courses during the registration period (April 2-15) and may be subject to a $200 late registration fee.

Housing Deposits:

194 St Paul Street ONLY: Students with approved applications to reside at 194 St. Paul Street must pay a $1000 housing deposit. The housing deposit will be applied to the Summer semester statement. Students who withdraw from their 194 St. Paul Street housing contract early will forfeit the $1000 deposit.

All other residence halls: Students planning to reside in Champlain College housing as well as students planning to study abroad must pay a $500 housing deposit. The housing deposit will be applied to the Spring semester statement. Students who withdraw from housing at Champlain will forfeit the $500 deposit.

Review our Housing Options & Selection Process for more information on housing at Champlain, as well as special policies related to the 194 St. Paul Street residence. Students who deposit after March 15 will not be permitted to participate in the housing selection process and will not be guaranteed placement in a Champlain residence hall.

Here's how to pay your deposit:

Students: pay online through WebAdvisor.

  • Login to WebAdvisor, select student, under "Student Accounts" heading, click Student Statement & Payment.
  • Select Deposits tab, and follow the instructions to complete payment.

Authorized Payers: pay online at TouchNet

  • Login to TouchNet, select the Deposits tab and follow the instructions to complete payment.
  • If you have not been previously authorized on Touchnet by your student, ask him/her to sign you up through their "Student Statement & Payment" WebAdvisor page. Detailed instructions are also available on our Make a Payment page.

Click on Sample Screens to view sample web pages regarding paying the deposit online.

Deposit Types

Identify your enrollment plan below and select the appropriate deposit type in Deposits:

  • 194 St. Paul Street residents: $1500 ($500 tuition deposit + $1000 housing deposit). Select 194DP
    Note: ONLY select this option if your 194 St. Paul Street application has been approved by the Department of Residential Life.

  • Residential Students: $1,000 ($500 tuition deposit + $500 housing deposit). Full-time undergraduate students planning to live any residence hall other than 194 St. Paul Street, select RTDEP.
  • Study Abroad Students: $1,000 ($500 tuition deposit + $500 housing deposit). If you are planning to study abroad in Dublin, Ireland, in Montreal, Canada, or through a third-party approved program, you will need to let us know your housing plan for the other semester:

                           Select SFDEP for abroad fall, commuter spring

                           Select SFRES for abroad fall, residence hall spring

                           Select SSDEP for commuter fall, abroad spring

                           Select SSRES for residence hall fall, abroad spring

  • Commuter Students: $500 tuition deposit (no housing deposit required). Full-time students commuting to campus from non-Champlain housing, select TDEP.
  • Part-Time or Not Returning? (no deposit due but response required). If you will be a part-time student, registered for less than 12 credits, or if you do not intend to return to Champlain College for the fall semester, please officially inform us by completing the online response.

Deposit Refund Policy

Deposits are refundable upon written notification to the Student Accounts Office by May 1 or by email to compass@champlain.edu. Students who withdraw from housing during the academic year will forfeit the housing deposit.  Students who change enrollment and/or housing plans must also update the Student Accounts Office by May 1. 

Non-Electronic Deposit Payment

If you must make your deposit by paper check, please allow additional processing time for your payment to reach the Student Accounts Office by March 15 to ensure your eligibility to participate in the housing selection process. Please clearly indicate student's name and deposit type: 194 St. Paul Street (194DP), Residential (RTDEP), Commuter (TDEP), Study Abroad (SFDEP, SFRES, SSDEP, SSRES). Also, include the student's ID number. Make check payable to Champlain College and mail to Student Accounts, PO Box 670, Burlington, VT 05402-0670.


Please contact Compass Student Services at 802.860.2777 or compass@champlain.edu.