Housing FAQs

What is Housing Selection?

Housing selection is the process by which current Champlain College students sign up for spaces to live for the 2017–2018 academic year. Students who are not currently attending Champlain College are not able to take part in housing selection or be pulled into a room.

Who gets to participate in Housing Selection?

We believe that the unique residence halls and apartment-style living that Champlain offers hold something of value for all of our traditional students. On April 5, students who submitted their Housing Deposit by the March 15 deadline will receive a time block to participate in the housing selection process on April 10, April 11 or April 13.

To make your deposit, visit our TouchNet deposit page, click on E-Deposits and select one of six deposit types that best represent your plan for 2017–2018. Students who want to live on campus will be required to submit a $500 Housing Deposit as well as a $500 tuition deposit.

Questions or concerns regarding the deposit? Contact the Enrollment Service Center at 800.860.2777 or studentaccounts@champlain.edu.

What if I deposit AFTER the March 15 deadline?

Students who deposit or apply for a waiver after the March 15 deadline will not be able to take part in the housing selection process and may not be pulled in via proxy. Students who decide to live in campus housing and missed the deadline will be placed on a waiting list and assigned to spaces that become available over the summer based on the date they submitted their deposits. Please note that there will be no exceptions made for late deposits, however, students can still work with Residential Life to find housing.

Please visit the Office of Student Accounts if you have any concerns or questions regarding the deposit submittal PRIOR to March 15.

Will housing selection be done online this year?

Yes! Housing selection takes place online using The Housing Director (THD) system. Students will be able to select roommates and a room for the 2017–2018 academic year by visiting THD during their time block.

Only students who have met the March 15 deposit or waiver deadline will be able to take part in the online housing selection process.

Be sure to review our step-by-step guide and video in advance of the housing selection process so you’re ready to go when your time block opens!

What are the time blocks and when will I get mine?

Students will select a room online during an assigned time block. Blocks are scheduled in 10-minute intervals on April 10, April 11 or April 13. The date you select your housing will depend on the type of housing you are registering for:

  • Monday, April 10 (3:30–5:30 PM) - Sophomore housing
  • Tuesday, April 11 (8:00–11:30 PM) - Apartment-style housing (Spinner Place and 287 College Street)
  • Thursday, April 13 (8:00–11:30 PM) - Substance-free housing (308 Maple Street), Valcour, Boardman, Cushing and remaining spaces

Students will receive time blocks for each afternoon/evening they are eligible to participate. Students will participate in the appropriate time block based upon their housing choice. Once a student’s time block opens, they have the rest of the registration period during that day to select one room. No changes will be allowed. Time blocks will be posted to each student’s home page screen on The Housing Director at 12:00 PM on Wednesday, April 5.

How is my time block determined?

Time blocks are assigned only to students who have met the March 15 deposit or waiver deadline. Time blocks are assigned based upon the number of credits earned toward graduation (please note this means completed credits, not credits you are currently enrolled in). The more credits, the earlier the registration time block. For example, rising seniors receive the earliest time blocks, followed by rising juniors and then rising sophomores. Please rectify any credit discrepancies with the Registrar’s Office prior to March 15.

What if I cannot log in to Housing Selection during my time block?

Students who are unable to sign in during their time block may select someone in their roommate pairing to sign on and select a room for their group. Only one student in a roommate group should sign up for the entire group. Do not give your password or login credentials to anyone for any reason. Should you not be able to log in during your time block or have a roommate group please contact the Residential Life Office in Skiff Hall.

How do I sign up for my space?

Housing selection will take place online on April 10, April 11 and April 13. The date you select your housing will depend on the type of housing you are registering for:

    • Monday, April 10 (3:30–5:30 PM) - Sophomore housing
    • Tuesday, April 11 (8:00–11:30 PM) - Apartment-style housing (Spinner Place and 287 College Street)
    • Thursday, April 13 (8:00–11:30 PM) - Substance-free housing (308 Maple Street), Valcour, Boardman, Cushing and remaining spaces

Please note that the only students who will be allowed into the housing selection process are those who paid or received a waiver by the March 15 deadline. Students who did not pay or receive a waiver by the deadline cannot be pulled into a room or suite. Residential Life will provide a training video and a how-to guide to assist students in learning the process.

Will I be able to “pull-in” friends?

During the 2017 housing selection process, students signing up for spaces will be allowed to fill the room, suite or apartment they are signing up for with “pull-ins.” This means that a student signing up for a double room will be able to pull-in 1 friend; a triple, 2 friends; a quad, 3 friends. Prior to signing up for a room during the time block for each group, students should complete the following actions on or after April 5 at 12:00 PM:

  • Form the roommate group
  • Identify the best housing option for the group and a back-up plan in the event of unavailability
  • Review the how-to video and housing selection guide

One designated member of the student group should sign on to The Housing Director during the housing selection process to sign up for a room or suite. The system will automatically assign everyone in the roommate pairing set up prior to housing selection to the space selected. The person with the earliest selection time should be the group leader, and all students in that pairing must have not only selected each other but accepted the group request.

Should a space with the number of a roommate grouping not be available at the time of selection, students may need to readjust the roommate group to sign up for a different room that will accommodate that group. For instance, should a group of three attempt to sign up for a triple room and all triple rooms have been assigned, that roommate group will need to either reduce the size of the group to be able to search for double rooms or they can search for rooms or suites of a larger size. A triple grouping will not be able to search for a double room as it exceeds the capacity of that space.

Will I be able to sign up for Spinner Place for the 2017–2018 academic year, and how do I sign up?

Spinner Place will be available for the upcoming academic year and will be filled by application.

Students currently living in Spinner Place who would like to “homestead” (claim their same apartment for next year) will have the opportunity to do so if, and only if, they fill the remaining spaces in the apartment with other homesteaders or pull-ins who have paid their housing deposit before the deadline or received a waiver and are currently enrolled students. This process will occur via the Homestead Request Form. Each apartment will submit one form with signatures from all of the residents. These students will not be required to sign up online as rooms will be reserved for them by the Residential Life Office. The deadline to fill out the form is March 22.

Any student who would like to live at Spinner Place and is not homesteading will be allowed to sign up using the application and must fill the apartment with pull-ins of their choice. Students who would like to sign up for multi-gendered suites must fill out the application and fill the apartment. Multi-gender options will not be available during the housing selection online process. The deadline to fill out the form is March 22.

Spinner Place contains 2-person, 3-person, 4-person, 5-person and 8-person suites. Residential Life will fill suites during the application process based upon the completed number of credits for each roommate grouping. Notification of acceptance will be emailed to residents March 31.

Any student who would like to live in Spinner Place but does not have a roommate preference will be able to sign up for available suites through the online process on the second night of housing selection on April 11 at 8:00 PM.

If I am NOT homesteading my apartment, can I pick another specific apartment in the same building?

Students will not pick a specific apartment in Spinner Place. Due to increased numbers on campus and short turnover time for apartments, students will be signing up for a space in the building, not a specific apartment. Spinner Place contains apartments with varying occupancies. The number of available 2-bedroom and 4-bedroom apartments will be available to students, but not information on specific apartment units.

In a case where one or more persons in the apartment contract to live for the summer, they will find out the specific apartment assigned when they arrive to move in. These assignments will be based on what apartments are ready for new occupants.

In cases of apartments that are not occupied by at least one summer resident, students can check their specific apartment assignment online starting August 18.

What is the parking situation at Spinner Place?

Parking at Spinner Place is limited and preference will be given to those who require a car for medical, employment or internship purposes. For those individuals, parking will be available for a monthly fee set by the City of Winooski on a first-come, first-served basis. Students will also be enrolled in the CommuteSmart Program to use when the shuttle is not running.

I am a rising sophomore, will I be able to live on Main Campus?

Approximately 270 beds on the main part of campus will be held exclusively for students beginning their second or third semesters at Champlain. Lakeview Hall, Adirondack Hall, Butler Hall and Juniper Hall will be open to students with 24 or fewer completed credits. Please make sure you are aware of how many credits you have completed. Students who want to live in these residences will take part in the online process on Monday, April 10 during their time block and will be allowed to pull-in friends to their rooms. Please note that all students being pulled-in must also meet the 24 or fewer credits requirement. These beds will be available until filled, at which time rising sophomores will need to select from available options during the other nights of housing selection.

Students with more than 24 credits who want to appeal their right to sign up for these residences may do so by calling 802.865.5487 to make an appointment with Melody Brook no later than March 31. Students with more than 24 credits who have not been granted an appeal will not be allowed to sign up for a space or be pulled in to these residences.

What rooms will be available for selection?

Champlain College commits to housing its incoming first-year students on Main Campus. For this reason, a large number of beds on Main Campus will not be available for returning students. A list of rooms that will be available to returning students is available here (list for fall 2017 will be updated by April 3, 2017). You may also pick up a paper copy of this list at the Residential Life Office in Skiff Hall.

What if I require specific accommodations based on my special needs?

Students who have documented needs requiring specific accommodations, even if they currently have housing for these accommodations, need to contact Accommodation Services Center located in Skiff Hall by March 15. Please send an email to either Skip Harris at sharris@champlain.edu or Eric Petersen at epetersen@champlain.edu. A list of approved students will be sent to Residential Life and those students will be assigned based on their needs and notified of their assignment prior to the first night of housing selection.

If students would like to apply to be able to have an assistance animal on campus, please contact Lukas Lewis at llewis@champlain.edu or visit the Accommodation Services Center in Skiff Hall by March 15.

Are there any residence halls that do not close for school breaks?

Yes, Champlain offers several options for students who would like to remain in their spaces during school breaks (Fall, Winter, and Spring breaks). Spinner Place, 287 College Street and Valcour Hall will be staffed during breaks so that students may stay. All students wishing to remain in their spaces during these breaks must sign up for one of these housing options. No other halls on campus will remain open during these times.

Will students have an option for substance-free living next year?

We are excited to offer the 14 beds at 308 Maple Street as a substance-free living arrangement for the coming year. All students signing up for these spaces will be required to sign a contract agreeing to live a substance-free lifestyle, and violations to this contract will result in a student being required to move from the building into another hall.

What if the room, suite or apartment I sign up for is not a single, but I am the only person in it?

In order to create more open spaces for returning residents who want to live with a friend, as well as for first-year and transfer students, the Residential Life Office has established a Consolidation Policy. During the 2017 Housing Selection process, a student who signs up for a room where one or more spaces remain open is subject to consolidation within the same building to a room with the same or less occupancy.

For example, if a double room in a building only has one resident, and a triple down the hall only has one resident, the Residential Life Office reserves the right to move the lone student in the triple to the double room. In the case where both rooms in question have the same potential occupancy (e.g. 2 quads with 2 people each) then the room of the resident holding the highest priority number will be where all 4 students are consolidated. Additionally, if fewer students sign up for a larger occupancy room (e.g. 2 students in a triple) they may be moved to a smaller occupancy room in the same building in order to make space for a student group of a larger size. Residential Life will not move students from their building to a room with higher occupancy in order to consolidate.

This process will happen throughout housing selection to create spaces so students during different time blocks will be able to pull-in their friends. As the housing selection process is now online, students will sign up for a specific room but due to consolidation may not retain that specific room number. Residential Life reserves the right to consolidate students under these terms up until the time that a student moves into their room in the fall.

Are there spaces where people of different genders or those seeking gender-free options can sign up to live together?

Yes, students who want to live with someone of another gender may sign up for the same apartment at Spinner Place. This is permitted ONLY in cases where students can completely fill the apartment with pull-ins, everyone agrees to the multi-gender arrangement, and students must sign up via the application process. All students sign up for single rooms within a suite setting.

Students are encouraged to visit Melody Brook in Skiff Hall with any questions/concerns related to their gender identity and the housing selection process.

Students who would prefer an option located on the Hill Section of campus may apply for the Gender-Free housing program. Students will receive the application for Gender-Free housing upon successful completion of SafeZone Training on March 8 from 8:00–9:30 AM in CCM 233. The training is a prerequisite for the program and will provide a baseline understanding of how to develop a shared community expectation that is beyond the gender binary.

Applications for Gender-Free housing (distributed after the training) are due to Skiff Hall by 5:00 PM on March 15. Decisions will be communicated to applicants by March 22, including their housing assignment. Accepted students will not be required to attend housing selection. Students will be placed in a double room and must fill the room with a pull-in of their choice; the chosen pull-in must also complete the SafeZone Training requirement. In the event of a vacancy within a gender-free room, the student will be able to select another pull-in. However, should that student not be able to locate another resident, Champlain College retains the right to maximize usage of housing options on campus and the room will become a single-gender option. Families are not notified of enrollment in this program. For any questions or concerns contact Melody Brook (mbrook@champlain.edu), Danelle Berube (dberube@champlain.edu) or Megan Darrigo (mdarrigo@champlain.edu) in Skiff Hall.

I identify as transgender, gender-queer or something other than the standard gender binary. How do I go about selecting housing?

Students who identify outside of the gender binary are asked to contact Melody Brook at mbrook@champlain.edu in the Residential Life Office to explore options. Melody will work with you to identify the best housing situation. Students who do not wish to partake in the gender-free housing option on the Hill Section of campus or at Spinner Place may continue to seek support from Melody and/or the Accommodations Officers in the Counseling Center to identify the best housing option for them.

What if I am currently abroad or am going abroad for Fall?

Students who are abroad for the Spring 2017 semester may participate in the online selection process. They will log in during their time block or they may create a roommate group and designate a member of that group to sign up during the scheduled time.

Students who will be going abroad for the Fall 2017 semester should not take part in housing selection as spaces abroad are assigned through the Champlain Abroad Office. We strongly encourage students going abroad in the fall to return and live on campus for the spring semester. We give students coming back from study abroad first choice of spaces prior to assigning incoming spring students or transfers. In November, students studying abroad will be emailed and asked to give their preferences for housing upon their return via an online form. Assignments will be made based on these preferences and students should check their assignments in January.

Students going abroad in the fall will not receive a time block to sign up at housing selection.

What if I am not happy with the space I selected?

Students who are not happy with the space they chose at housing selection will have the opportunity to fill out a Reassignment Request form on The Housing Director (THD) under the applications tab. Please note that these requests will be filled over the summer as spaces become available. Please make sure to only request options you are willing to accept, as completing the Reassignment Request authorizes the Residential Life Office to move you based on the form you completed.

How much will housing and meals cost next year?

All students in on-campus housing (with the exception of Spinner Place and 287 College Street) must have a Carte Blanche meal plan.

Housing Costs for 2017–2018

All traditional residence halls – $9,336 per year

Juniper, Butler, Valcour, 287 College Street – $9,868 per year

Spinner Place and Boardman – $10,398 per year


Meal Plan Costs for 2017–2018

Carte Blanche (Unlimited meals) – $5,570 per year

Commuter Meal Plan (40 meals) - Students living in Spinner Place, 287 College Street, or students living off campus may choose to purchase one of two plans. Purchase a plan and learn more here. Prices for the 2017–2018 academic year will be set in July.

I want to live on campus for the summer, how do I sign up for that?

Champlain offers a variety of housing options for students needing to be in Burlington during the summer. Please visit the Summer Housing page after March 15 to download all of the information you will need. The deadline for completing summer contracts is April 17.

What is open selection?

If the number of students who paid the housing deposit by the deadline exceeds the number of spaces in housing, Residential Life will manage a waiting list of students throughout the summer. All students who were on-time depositors or on-time waiver recipients will be placed in housing prior to move-in for the fall term and will be notified as spaces arise. Throughout the summer, Residential Life will also work to reassign folks who filled out a reassignment form should spaces arise that fit the preference.