DFCS Academy students and parent testimonials


Quotes from students and parents of previous DFCS Academy attendees:

"The faculty and RA's were fantastic and he was blown away by how smart and nice they were... It was inspiring to see all of the cool projects these superb kids were working on all week."

"We can't thank you all enough for the amazing program this past two weeks. Our son gained so much, in so many facets of his life... Along with the knowledge that is gained from interacting with new people, all with different ideas and ways of processing information, he also made strides in his confidence to organize and present a complicated subject to a group in an unfamiliar setting."

"Our daughter has had limited exposure to computer courses in high school, so going to the Academy was our way of evaluating if she was interested and capable. The independence and responsibility of being on her own were important as well."

"Absolutely enroll your child. Taking this Academy changed the course of my child's future. He now knows what he wants to pursue in college and can't wait to get started. Without this Academy, my son might have wasted his first year in college pursuing a different concentration in CS."

"I think the most valuable thing my son got out of the Academy was a sense of self reliance. He was responsible for himself for the first time and completely stepped up to the challenge."

"You will not be disappointed. It is an opportunity for your child to see what the college experience is about , increase their knowledge of the subject and meet a diverse group of students who are now friends."

"The interactions with college professors/community gave her new insight into what higher learning 'feels' like, and she appreciated and made several noted differences. It always touches a parent's heart to see their child flourish."

"It was an absolutely amazing experience that our son will remember forever. Thank you so much for making it so special."

"I had a great time, made lots of new friends, learned a lot, developed a bunch of new skills, and found out some skills I didn't know I already had."

"Living in the dorms gave us a sense of independence. Faculty and staff treated us like grown-ups.  I started to feel less like a superfreak and more like a confident, self-sufficient adult."

"This wasn't just some run-of-the-mill summer camp. The people who had put together the program really wanted us to learn and take something away with us...It is a great program and I was very lucky to be able to participate in it."