Gaming Majors at Champlain

Champlain College is widely known as a pioneer in innovative majors that focus on all aspects of video game development. Working in a cohort environment known as The Champlain Studio, students are taught to master the art of teamwork across all the game development disciplines, facilitated by game-industry expert Professors.

Game Art, Game Design, and Game Programming majors, along with Business majors specializing in Game Production, work side by side to create original projects. This collaborative environment is modeled after real-world game studios and ensures that students learn essential professional social skills while mastering the latest game development expertise.

Explore Champlain's undergraduate gaming majors to help decide which career in gaming is right for you.

Game Art

Now in its tenth year, the Bachelor of Science degree program in Game Art was among the first in the country, and Champlain remains among the top institutions for studying game development. LEARN MORE

Game Design Major

Game Design requires a broad range of knowledge from psychology to game engine scripting. You will find this depth throughout the curriculum and you'll have plenty of options to specialize in Game System Design, Level/Content Design, or Narrative Design. LEARN MORE

Game Programming

Champlain's Bachelor of Science degree in Game Programming - one of the first bachelor's degrees of its kind in the nation - combines games with the intellectual challenge of software creation to produce a highly versatile and valuable, in-demand skill set. LEARN MORE

Game Production Management

The B.S. Degree in Game Production Management is designed for the student who is passionate about both business and games. It will provide a student with the opportunity to have a core that includes integrated courses in business, marketing, corporate social responsibility and international business (with an emphasis on the global economy), as well as courses in quantitative methods, accounting, finance, economics and business law. LEARN MORE