Conduct Review Board

An experienced facilitator leads a group of faculty, staff and students in the review of student conduct cases. These hearings will be scheduled at the beginning of each semester. Individual student volunteers will likely participate in two to three 90 minute hearings per semester. All materials relevant to the case are available for review 24 hours prior to the hearing, and board members are expected to review the materials prior to the hearing. This will take about 15-20 minutes. The student will appear before the Board to present his or her perspective and the Board will come to consensus as to an appropriate resolution. In addition to time spent at hearings and review of materials, participants will be expected to attend an annual training which lasts about one hour. Separate boards will consider academic and non- academic cases as described below:

Academic Conduct Review:

Cases might involve such things as disruptive classroom behavior, multiple infractions of the Academic Honesty Policy (referred by the Provost's Office).

General Conduct Review:

This Board hears cases involving everything from routine policy violations to high risk behavior that is not related to a student's academic experience. Conduct Review Board members are recruited from other leadership groups on campus, but any student is eligible to serve. For those interested in becoming a part of the committee should contact the Office of Student Conduct at