Orientation Leader

Champlain Orientation Leaders

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Who are Orientation Leaders?

Orientation Leaders welcome the incoming class into orientation in an exciting and fun way that helps the new class orient themselves into their new life.

What do Orientation Leaders do?

The Orientation Leaders welcome the class of 600+ students into orientation in August and lead them in events they've arranged such as a cruise tour, a guest comedian, and fun at the Grind. They deliver information to the new students about what is happening in orientation and facilitate the meetings and events with the students. The Orientation Leaders work again for the second orientation at the start of the Spring semester.

How can I become an Orientation Leader?

Student Leadership positions are selected by an application and an interview process. Applications are due at the beginning of February.


"Being an Orientation Leader was one of, if not, the best time I have had here at Champlain. I had the pleasure of meeting so many incredible people through staff and incoming students. It truly is a one of a kind experience. No where else can 40 people who barely know each other get together and after just four days become and incredibly cohesive team. Best decision I made in my college career. "  

—Nicholas Pugliese

"Being an Orientation Leader is absolutely one of my favorite parts about college. Ever since I attended my Roller Coaster Summer Launch program as a first year student I knew this was something I wanted to be doing! Definitely the most fun job on campus. I get to meet all the first year students and help them realize that they're coming to the best college ever."

—Kate Young