Diversity Statement

Champlain College strives to create a diverse and inclusive community. It is our fundamental belief that in order to create a supportive educational environment and prepare students for life experiences, we as a community must seek and create opportunities for each of us to better understand our own beliefs, values, and cultures to fully experience new ideas, perspectives and traditions.

To this end, we will pursue challenges that allow us to question pre-conceived ideas/beliefs that inform and/or infringe upon our commitments and to implement measurable inclusive practices.

A major strength of Champlain College is its commitment to fostering respect among students, faculty, staff, administrators and members of our local community. While we are conscious of the fact that serious exploration of issues surrounding diversity and inclusion may generate conflict and/or tension, we see this as an opportunity to constructively engage different points of view in conversations that will ultimately help our organization to be more inclusive and mindful of diversity.

We, as a community, therefore, endeavor to create a safe environment for all members to discuss, challenge and explore the benefits of being in a community that is seeking to become more diverse and inclusive in its behavior, policies and practices.

(Adopted September 2009)