CARE Program

CARE—Champlain Achievement, Retention, and Excellence—is a program for students who will excel academically, serve as leaders and positive agents of change on campus, and enrich the diversity of Champlain College.

The CARE program is designed to help equip students with the tools needed to be successful throughout their college career and beyond. Students will identify their own strengths, academic preferences, and areas for further exploration, and discover how these apply to daily life and continued success at Champlain College.

Hosted by the Office of Diversity & Inclusion, CARE provides:

  • Academic support and structure
  • Mentoring
  • Horizon-expanding opportunities
  • Encouragement and support in exploring aspects of personal identity
  • Financial guidance, such as providing resources that can help with student expenses

Recipients of Champlain's Pathways Scholarship are invited to participate in the CARE program, joining a welcoming cohort of supportive students. The Pathways Scholarship is awarded to students who are actively engaged in creating an inclusive, equitable, and diverse community.

Through the Pathways Scholarship and CARE, Champlain College aims to empower students by enhancing their exploration and pursuit of academic and professional interests.

I can't express enough how the Pathways Scholarship and CARE program have helped me in college and I'm very grateful for it. 

Minerva Paulino '24 // Education // Yonkers, NY