Financial & Legal Tips

Living on your own means needing to be able to respond to many different scenarios. Unfortunately, some of these may involve financial and legal situations that are difficult to navigate alone. However, there are many free or low-cost options to help you.

Budgeting for Your Off-Campus Life

Legal Assistance

  • VT Law Help - This website provides general civil (non-criminal) legal information and helps you find free and low-cost civil legal aid, assistance and services in Vermont.
  • VT Legal Aid - Vermont Legal Aid is where individuals and families turn when they face a civil legal problem that threatens their rights, shelter, job, health or well-being.

Renter's Insurance

Personal property losses due to theft or fire are not covered under your property owner's insurance. They are your responsibility. Luckily many options are quite affordable.

  • If your family has insurance, check with their current insurance provider to see if they offer renter's insurance. If you have an insured car, the same company may also offer renter's insurance at a discount.
  • National Student Services Inc. - NSSI is a national company that provides Student Personal Property Plans for on and off-campus students
  • Renter Tax Rebate Information