Campus & Community Programs

Just as we value the sense of community that we created here on campus, we encourage students to think of themselves as members of larger communities-the city of Burlington, the state of Vermont and the world at large.

Here at Champlain, we offer numerous campus and community programs that help students engage in these very issues.

  • The Center for Service & Sustainability (CS&S) - With programs like service-in-actions trips, tutoring and mentoring, and Tent City, you'll find a project you love that benefits the community at the same time.
  • Sustain Champlain - Sustain Champlain is committed to developing concepts, strategies, approaches, events and recommendations to raise sustainability awareness and to create efficient, groundbreaking sustainable practices campus-wide.
  • The Office of Diversity & Inclusion - ODI strives to create an inclusive environment by sponsoring a wide range of events that explore intercultural learning, cross-cultural communication and social justice issues.
  • The Office of International Education - With numerous study abroad opportunities and hosting international and exchange students in Burlington, OIE will help you become globally aware.