About Us

Fostering lifelong civic engagement

Mission: The Center for Service and Sustainability works to connect the students of Champlain College with the broader community in beneficial ways that provide educational opportunities to reflect, to learn and to work toward a flourishing world for all.  

Vision: Through innovative leadership, the Center for Service and Sustainability will empower the members of our learning community to advance social justice and responsible environmental stewardship in our classrooms, on our campus, and throughout the world.

Sustain Champlain, the Eco-Reps Program, and the Green Revolving Fund are all based within the Center for Service and Sustainability.

The Center for Service and Sustainability also has an Advisory Team made up of faculty, staff, and students. The purpose and role of the Advisory Team is to:

  • [for faculty] Be a liaison to/from home Division
  • Advise on structure, mission, and goals of the Center
  • Inform and advise on integrating sustainability and service learning into classes