For Community Partners

Connect with us

At the Center for Service & Sustainability, we connect Champlain College students and faculty with the community, primarily through academic service-learning projects. Learn more about how Champlain defines service-learning here.  Please contact Christina Erickson to discuss project ideas. You can also fill out this posting form for service-learning projects. 

A few helpful questions to ask yourself when determining the scope of a project include:

  • What is it that you are trying to change?  What is the specific goal?
  • What are you doing to get to that goal?
  • What are your challenges/gaps to getting to your goal? - What classes may be able to address gaps in data, knowledge, etc?
  • What does a useful contribution look like? How can you/would you use it?

Have an internship or employment opportunity for our students? Please visit our Resources for Employers or contact the Career Collaborative Team.

In recognition of the many ways our community partners serve our institution, we offer several ways our partners can connect to institutional resources. See the Benefits for Community Partners page for more details.