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2014, 2018 & 2020 Champlain report (compares midterm to presidential years)

2020 Champlain report (presidential election)

2014 & 2018 Champlain report (midterm election)

2012 & 2016 (presidential election)

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Yes. When you get to the page that asks whether you are registered to vote, simply click "Yes, I am registered" and continue to sign up with TurboVote.

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Yes! When you get to the page that asks whether you are registered to vote, simply click "I can't vote" and continue to sign up with TurboVote.

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TurboVote's Text BotIn Vermont, college students can register to vote in-state using the address of their residence hall or apartment. There are pros and cons to choosing Vermont vs your home state.

TurboVote now offers a tool called Student Voter Bot, which helps students determine where they should register to vote. With this new tool, students can simply text 762ALLVOTE (762.255.8683) for help answering the question "Where should I register to vote?" Text "VOTE" to the number above for a series of YES or NO questions to help determine where you can register. Students will then be asked where they go to school, and they'll be sent to their school's unique TurboVote site with guidance on where they should register and resources to answer further questions!

Vermont: If you choose Vermont, you will be able to cast your ballot in person; however, you will need to re-register in your home state once you graduate.

Home State: You will not need to re-register upon graduation, however you will need to request an absentee ballot to vote in November. You also have less time to register if you plan to vote in the general election. 
See this web page for deadlines in each state (scroll to the bottom to see deadlines for each state).

Still want more info?  Check out Campus Vote Project's Student Voting FAQs.

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Not all Champlain students will vote in person at the same polling place. Depending on your res hall, your location will be:

  • Ward 1 (North House, Sanders Hall) votes at the Mater Christi School.
  • Ward 6 (Adirondack Hall, Bankus, Boardman, Butler, Carriage House, Cushing, Hill Hall, Jensen, Juniper, Lakeview, Lyman, McDonald, Pearl, Rowell, Schillhammer, South House, Summit Hall, Valcour, Whiting, 158 South Willard, 194 St Paul St, 308 Maple, 371 Main Street) votes at Edmund's Middle School.
  • Ward 8 (Bader, 396 Main Street) votes at the Fletcher Free Library.

See the City of Burlington's Election Information page for other polling places in the City, or the State of Vermont's Election info page for other cities/towns in Vermont.

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Yes! When you choose to vote by mail, an absentee ballot request form will automatically generate upon completion of sign up.

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TurboVote mailings are completely free for you if you choose to have the forms mailed to you. TurboVote will cover the cost to mail the forms to you and will include a pre-addressed, pre-paid envelope to mail your completed forms to your local election official. However, you may choose to print and mail your own forms.

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There are several ways to help!

  1. Send letters to voters. Sign up at votefwd.org and write letters to increase voter turnout.
  2. Become a poll worker. Visit eac.gov to learn how to become an election worker.
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Get all the details about TurboVote and voting as a student in the slide deck version here.

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