Service-Learning Courses

What is Service-Learning?

Service learning is an experiential teaching method that combines community service with academic instruction as it focuses on critical, reflective thinking and civic engagement. Service learning involves students in intentionally designed projects in collaboration with community partners. Projects address specific partner needs while developing student academic skills, professionalism, and a sense of civic responsibility.
Adapted from Campus Compact National Center for Community Colleges; Adopted by Champlain College Faculty Senate, Spring 2004; updated and approved by Curriculum Committee, Fall 2017

Why should I take a designated service-learning (SL) course?

Adapted from Monroe Community College, Service-learning website and Brooks, N. and R. Schramm, "Integrating Economics Research, Education and Service."

  • Apply concepts from the classroom to your service
  • Gain hands-on experience in your professional field in the real world
  • Provide platforms to analyze and discuss civic values
  • Increase your sense of self-efficacy, analytical skills, and social development
  • Develop meaningful involvement with the local community
  • Reflect on the service-learning project's connections to the course material, your identity, and your place in the world
  • Contribute to progress on the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals

What courses are available?

Note: courses may not be offered each semester; some sections of courses may be designated as SL, so look for that notation when registering)

ACC 370: Vermont Income Tax Assistance EHS 300: Community Advocacy and Inquiry in Dublin
ACC 371: Advanced Volunteer Income Tax ENP 100: Intro to Environmental Issues
ACC 345: Cost Accounting ENP 300: Place-Based Environmental Study
ACC 420: Auditing ENP 410: Ecological Economics
BRD 230: Social Media Production GDD 400: Projects in Graphic Design II
BRD 445: Client-based Production MGT 260: Project Management & Team Leadership
CCC 410 ITS: ITS Capstone Design MKT 340: Non-Profit and Social Marketing
CCC 412 ITS: ITS Capstone Senior Project MKT 430: Strategic Digital Community Management
CCC 410 BUS: College Capstone in Business MTH 180: Intro to Statistics
CCC 410 COM: Senior Capstone in Communication PSY 201: Cognitive Psychology
COM 400: Public Relations Campaign Development PSY 405: Music for Health and Wellbeing
COR 101: Navigating Higher Ed (Thomas) PSY 430: Applied Psychology: Healthy Aging
COR 104: Making Amends (Novotny) SAP 210: Place Based Service Learning
COR 104: Making a Sense of Place (Erickson)

SCI 150: Environmental Earth Science

COR 202: Art & Social Justice (Nemazee) SCI 310: Advanced Environmental Earth Science
COR 330: Vermont's New Americans (Horne) SEC 440: Systems Security
EDU 245: Service Learning SWK 140: Survey of Community Agencies
EGD 380: Advanced Seminar SWK 141: Community Experience 
EHS 100: Making Connections
EHS 210: Social Justice Intensive