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There are several different student-run organizations on our campus with a connection to community and service. Learn about a few of our featured organizations below, or see other student clubs & organizations.

DREAM ProgramDREAM logo

Founded in 1999 by students attending Dartmouth College, DREAM is a non-profit mentoring program that pairs college groups with youth in low-income housing neighborhoods. DREAM has grown to work with 13 colleges and 18 affordable housing neighborhoods throughout Vermont and Massachusetts. They proudly serve about 350 children and college student mentors, and boast an active alumni organization of over 1,300 former mentors.

Participants in DREAM have access to a variety of experiences, including:

  • Weekly one-on-one and group mentoring
  • Summer activities in their communities
  • Summer and winter programming through Adventure Programming initiatives (vary by location)
  • Local and regional end-of-semester adventure trips (Culminating Experiences)

These programs are driven by empowerment, with mentors and mentees collaborating to create fun and rewarding activities that spring from their imaginations. Mentors and mentees plan their activities together, and the unique program design cultivates decision-making and leadership skills among mentors and youth. By distributing responsibility, DREAM maximizes its available resources and ensures shared enthusiasm for the program.

The DREAM program creates a fun and attractive environment where diverse interests are encouraged and new ideas are supported. Contagious energy perpetuates the feeling that anything is possible with a can-do attitude. Each mentor's experience challenges others to unlock their dreams and share them. Each mentor is charged with discovering and encouraging their mentee's dreams.

2022-2023 Program contacts:
If you are interested, contact MJ Faller and Claire Holloway, Champlain student leaders.


Techdren logoTechdren (TECHnology for childREN) is a non-profit organization founded and run by Champlain College students. Their three-pronged approach is dedicated to furthering educational resources, improving access to technology, and supporting women's empowerment across the globe.

By raising funds and refurbishing technology, Techdren is able to continue advocating for technological accessibility in rural communities and, ultimately, for female empowerment. Techdren technical officers equip technological resources with educational programs and software, in addition to providing trainings on the programs upon their arrival.

No experience is necessary to volunteer with Techdren, and new volunteers are always welcome!

Program contacts:
To learn more about how you can get involved with Techdren, contact Anna Matich, CEO or visit

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