Dismas House

Starting in 1986, the Dismas House has been a place that former prisoners can reside as they transitions from incarceration back into the community, as well as college students who are in some sort of life transition.

As quoted from their website, "The daily presence of volunteers in the house is a living link between the residents and the greater community from which they have been separated. Through volunteers' interest, encouragement, and acceptance, come affirmation, reconciliation and reintegration of residents within our community." Champlain College and CS&S have been bringing groups of students for a number of years to help with the evening meal. "One of the chief ingredients is the presence of our volunteer cooks, as they come month after month and become an important part of the Dismas community. If the residential community and staff can be likened to the nuclear family, the volunteer cooks are the extended family: like cousins, aunts, uncles, etc." CS&S organizes two dinners at the Dismas House each month. A group of 3-5 students meet at the Center (Skiff Hall) at 4:30pm, and prepare and enjoy dinner with the residents. A pivotal part of the experience at the Dismas House is being able to eat dinner with the community, learn about their lives and make connections to the community. Students will be back to campus around 7:15pm.