ReSource Vermont

ReSource aims to meet community and individual needs through education and job skills training, environmental stewardship, and economic opportunities. Since 1991, ReSource has been successful in proving its environmental sustainability, as well as helping Vermont with educational training and employment opportunities. More than 750 people have received job training and skills essential to gainful employment thanks to ReSource, and it has kept more than 10,000 tons of material out of landfills.

Since the operation is so large, they are always looking for volunteers. Students aid reSOURCE in jobs involving the community.  Students jobs range from taking nails out of wood to helping clean yards and repair housing.

Pictured below: Some of the earrings Champlain Faculty and Staff made during the All Day Retreat in May 2014. The earrings were made from old computer parts, film and other trinkets as part of the ReCraft program.

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