Fair Trade Campus

fair trade campusAs a service-learning project with Burlington's Peace & Justice Center,  Champlain students explored the topic of Fair Trade and how our campus could support these efforts. Picking up where they left off, Sustain Champlain student employee, Rebecca Carlson '14, spear-headed an effort to attain a Fair Trade Campus Designation. Together with the Sustain Champlain Purchasing/Food Committee, which includes our campus partner Sodexo, we proudly earned this designation in February 2014.

What Champlain is doing already:

  • Fair Trade Products, such as coffee, bananas and tea, are available in the the Cafeteria, catering, and our Campus Store. See our current products offered here. 
  • Campus Fair Trade Events: International Coffee Day (October 1st); Fair Trade Collaboration Event with the Campus Store (November 12th); Fair Trade Chocolate Event by the Non-Profit-Social Marketing Group (November 18th); Social Impact Scholars Intersections Series: Social Impact and Business: Fair Trade: Philosophy and Practice on 2/18/22 and upcoming: Screening of Black Gold on 3/23/22.
  • Our campus dining partner, Sodexo (on the national level), signed a food chain transparency agreement with the Real Food Challenge
  • As of December 2013, passed a resolution supporting fair trade
  • 2015-2016, Eco-Reps and Environmental Policy students put together a petition to request a gender neutral, fair trade apparel option in the Campus Store
  • Together with our campus partners, we will continue to market Fair Trade products on campus, and look for additional products when feasible

look for these logos across campus