Funded Projects

The Green Revolving Fund has funded the following Community & Physical Plant projects:

Project Who Description Community/Physical Plant Project

bike shop


Transportation Office  Funding for tools and basic bike mechanic room set up - Fall 2015 Community

Idling Sign

Anti Idling Campaign

Robin Collins' Environmental Science class Funding for awareness campaign, including keychains and signs. Read more about this project here.  - 2014-2015 Community


Apiary Viewing Window & Interpretive Sign

Kristin Wolf/Apiary team Funding for new window and inpretive sign design and printing - Summer 2015 Community

Jensen lighting

Jensen Hall Lighting Retrofit

Physical Plant Upgraded all lighing to LED bulbs & fixtures - Summer 2015 Physical Plant

bee aware poster

Bee-Aware Campaign

Champlain College Publishing Initiative Funding for posters, brochures, film night - 2015-2016 Community
MIC Ground Floor

MIC Ground Floor Lighting Retrofit

Physical Plant Upgraded all lighing to LED bulbs & fixtures - Summer 2016 Physical Plant
example of data capture

Computer Lab Energy Monitoring Project

Physical Plant / Burlington Electric Department To test energy monitoring equipment (SRLink) in a Champlain College computer lab to: a) Understand the full extent of the power needs of varying types of computer labs - when in use and when idle; b) Seek energy saving solutions that may be programmatic in nature.- Summer 2016 / 2016-2017 Physical Plant 

Recycled Plastic Bottle Greenhouse

Environmental Policy Capstone Class '16 Designed and built a greenhouse by the Community Garden. Learn more here.  Spring 2016 Community
community garden fence

Community Garden Fence

Community Garden Members Installed a permanent fence around the garden, to help keep critters out. May 2017 Community
Lakeside Composting Decals

Paper Towel Composting Decals at Lakeside

Lakeside Staff members Paid for design and creation of decals for waste bins in Lakeside bathrooms (x6); worked with custodial team to have paper towels composted.  March 2017 Community
Lyman Hall lighting

Lyman Hall Lighting Retrofit

Physical Plants Staff Upgraded all lighing to LED bulbs & fixtures - Summer 2017 Physical Plant
planting the pollinator garden

Pollinator Garden near College Apiary

Corinne Novetti's Environmental Science Class, Fall 2017 Planted flower bulbs and other pollinator friendly plants along the walkway near the College Apirary, next to Perry Barn. Community
Pearl hall lighting

Pearl Hall Lighting Retrofit

Physical Plant Staff Upgraded all light fixtures to LED bulbs Physical Plant
Additional Compost Collection

Additional Compost Bin for Larger Events

Champlain College Event Center Expanded compost collection for larger events Community