Sustainability in the Classroom

Our aim is to understand the challenges of peak oil, global climate change, and natural resource depletion.  More importantly, we want to work to create the solutions to those problems.
~Jim Ellefson, Professor; Poet-in-Residence

Students at Champlain are learning about sustainability in a variety of ways, but most notably in the classroom. To assist our faculty, we create and share development opportunities and resources.


Sustainability Courses

Samples of Senior Capstone Projects

  • Proposal for Wellness/Environmental-Themed housing at Champlain College; Kirsten Cotter, Christian Bruno, Elijah Santos, Environmental Studies & Policy, 2019
  • Improving campus e-waste systems at Champlain; Erika La Teer, Environmental Studies & Policy, 2019
  • Increasing Local Food at Champlain College; Gabriel Ingman, Environmental Studies & Policy, 2019
  • Proposal for Green Mountain Higher Education Consortium going Conflict Free; Becca Estabrook, Environmental Studies & Policy, 2018
  • Designing Champlain EHS 200 Hot Topics Course, "Available Paths: Justice and the Environment"; Griffin Cummings, Environmental Studies & Policy, 2018
  • Applying place-based learning to understand Burlington's water quality issues in the classroom; Anna Rendell-Baker, Environmental Studies & Policy, 2017
  • Computer Lab Energy Reduction; Ari Mileikowsky, Computer Networking, 2017
  • BLUE certification for Perry Hall; David Wardrop, Environmental Policy, 2017
  • Recycled Plastic Bottle Greenhouse; Environmental Policy, 2016
  • Case Study: Geothermal Technology at Champlain College by Sean Bird, Environmental Policy, 2015
  • Greening of Admissions by Maggie McNamara, Environmental Policy, 2015
  • Champlain College Waste Analysis by Steve Conte, Environmental Policy, 2015