Blue Stool Project Archive

Past lectures by contributors to the Blue Stool Project are listed below. When video was captured, we have linked to it. You can also browse the Blue Stool Project's YouTube channel.

  1. Eric Ronis, "'Reality' TV and the Bastardization of Chekhov"
  2. Cinse Bonino, "The Zen of Oddness"
  3. Jen Vincent, "Six Degrees of Separation"
  4. Kerry Noonan and Steve Wehmeyer, "iFolk? FolkU! Why Rumors, Urban Legends, and Ghost Stories are Important and Why Champlain College Students Need to Know about Them," part one and part two
  5. Dave Finney, "A Coin Toss and the Existence of God"
  6. Missing from archives.
  7. Susyn Dees, "Radiation: Where Does It Lurk? And What's It Doing to/for Us?"
  8. Eric Ronis, "When the Umpire Perpetuates Rules of a Game Fraught with Injustice"
  9. Gary Scudder, "The UAE's Brave New World"
  10. Chuck Bashaw, "A Re-Telling of the Tale of Job"
  11. Laurel Bongiorno, "Fairy Tales and Blocks: Learning Through Play"
  12. Missing from archives.
  13. Elaine Young, "Women in the Workforce"
  14. Bob Selby, "Assignment: Arctic Sea"
  15. Rowshan Namazee and Faith Yacubian, "N.O.W. We Dare: Women & Gender at the Center"
  16. Kyle Dodson, "Say That to My Face"
  17. Valerie Esposito, "Sustaining Happiness"
  18. Eric Ronis, "Marilyn Manson, Moral Relativism, and Simple Truths in which I No Longer Believe"
  19. David Mills, "Rhizomes: Why Artists and Activists Should Care About Crabgrass"
  20. Laurie Quinn, "White Space: Pages, Places, & Seeing What's Possible"
  21. Cinse Bonino and Chuck Bashaw, "Meta for Blue"
  22. Don Laackman, "Don't Follow Your Passion"
  23. Bob Selby, "The Birth of the Blue Stool and Why It Matters"
  24. Eric Ronis, "What's So 'Liberal' About a Liberal Education?"
  25. Cinse Bonino, "Don't Be Neuronic!"
  26. Jonathan Ferguson, "Welcome to the Surveillance State"
  27. Erik Shonstrom, "Why Reading a Novel Has Become the Most Radical Act Imaginable"
  28. Melanie Brown, "What Does A Research Mathematician Have In Common With A Champlain Student?"
  29. Keith Oppenheim, "The Man I Met in Florida"
  30. Eric Ronis, "The Hint Function, or Getting Out of Your Echo Chamber and Into Humanity"
  31. Joanne Farrell, "How Theatre Saved My Life"
  32. Cathy O'Duffy, "The Other F-Word...And Why It's Still Important"
  33. Katheryn Wright, "The Other F-Word...And Why It's Still Important"
  34. Brian Murphy, "Touchscreen Headstone: Speculations on the Digital Afterlife"
  35. Eric Ronis, "Being Both & Being Between & Moving Beyond Binaries"
  36. Roz Whitaker-Heck, "Can I Touch It?: The Cultural, Political, and Social Context of Black Women's Hair"
  37. Lindsey Godwin, "Love Your Questions"
  38. Elizabeth Beaulieu, "Self & Community: Three Black Women & Me"
  39. Eric Ronis, "You Are Not a Spoon"
  40. Bob Mayer, "Is the Medium Still the Message?"
  41. Kylie King, "Approaching Life Entrepreneurially"
  42. Chuck Bashaw, "Some Thoughts on the Fermi Paradox"
  43. Eric Ronis, "What is Excellence in Teaching?"
  44. Craig Pepin, "Rebuilding Education for the 21st Century; or, Let's Kill the Credit Hour"