Champlain All-Star Reading Series

Champlain Alum, Alli Neal, performing at the BBFStudents, faculty, staff, parents and even trustees gather in the Morgan Room of Aiken Hall to spread the literary word. You'll hear everything from haikus to slam poetry, from short fiction pieces to a moth reading. Snacks are always provided, so why not come and get comfy, settle into a chair and listen to those around you.

The readings are hosted by Jim Ellefson, professor and poet-in-residence of the college. He has brought many types of readings to campus. Take a look at some of the readings Champlain has to offer.

Moth Readings

 Moth readings are a national sensation, created by a non-profit organization whose goal it is to spread the stories of others. At Champlain, students are given five minutes to tell an impromptu narrative about their life. 

William Stafford Reading

The annual William Stafford reading takes place on January 17 to celebrate the poet's birthday. This day of celebration is noted internationally and Champlain is excited to offer it on its campus. Students and faculty recite their favorite Stafford poem and get a chance to read one of their own.

'Under the Influence' Series

Inspired by the William Stafford reading, this poetry series honors and celebrates other famous poets. The readings can honor one person, like Shel Silverstein, or they can honor a group, like international poets. 

Silver Screen Submarine Poetry Jazz Messengers

Over fifty years ago, Gerry Mulligan and Jack Kerouac created improvisational jazz-poetry fusion (known as "pojazz") that swept Greenwich Village and spilled out of New York into the Great Beyond. Three generations later, it has found a home at Champlain College, where young hep kittens and cats take to the stage in high voltage synergetic incantation. Led by renowned poet Jim Ellefson, students and faculty alike get a chance to perform their poetry to live jazz or blues, giving their performance this unique improvisational sound. There are usually two a year, one in conjunction with the Burlington Book Festival.

To find out when the next reading series is, contact Jim Ellefson for more information.