Los Dormant Volcanos Improv Troupe

Champlain College's Improv Comedy Troupe, Los Dormant VolcanosLos Dormant Volcanos is Champlain College's one and only improv comedy group. Founded as "the improv troupe" in 2004 with only six acting students, the troupe has grown into its new identity as the "Los Dormant Volcanos" with over a dozen performers. The troupe performs a non-specific number of FREE shows each semester on campus, including performances at Family Weekend and their End-of-the-Year show. Led by Eric Ronis, the troupe has gone on to win an undisclosed amount of awards for Excellence in Jewish Pop Culture and First Place in the Underwater Basket-Weaving competition.

Each September the troupe auditions new recruits as long as they have the right blood type, hair color, and fetish for Pots and Pans. If you are interested in being a part of the troupe, you will need to give them all of your money and then maybe they'll consider it. They play many well-known games, but the troupe has also created several original games. These include: "Meanwhile," "The Breakfast Club," the incredibly morbid "Final Destination," "Infomercials," and the very complex and bizarre "Midmorning Cup of Coffee."

Troupe membership is by audition only. Auditions run in early September. Follow Los Dormant Volcanos on Facebook for troupe & audition dates.


Troupe Director: Eric Ronis Ronis@champlain.edu