Champlain College Game Developers Association

The CCGDA is a student-run chapter of the  International Game Developer's Association (IGDA). The IGDA is a professional organization for game; artists, programmers and designers and is the largest professional organization for game developers.  The IGDA organizes events, seminars and sets up discussions on current topics and trends in the industry.

To be in the CCGDA you do not have to be a member of the IGDA, but we recommend that our members join. The CCGDA is an academic club, providing similar services as the IGDA. We organize events such as Game Jams, guest speakers and lectures, facilitate  discussions on current topics in the game industry and provide a forum and conduit where members can engage with each other and the game studio faculty.

You can get involved by joining the Facebook group for news, updates and to speak with other members. Each sub section of the game studio is represented: game art and animation, game programmers, game designers and game producers. Non-game students are welcome to join our events. We have a "parliament" made up of elected members that take care of the planning. 

There are no regular meeting times (other than those of the parliament) but there are regularly scheduled events. This semester we had a game jam with around 60 participants, and a few round tables where we discussed various topics.