Finance Club

The Champlain College Finance Club's mission is to connect students who share an enthusiastic interest and curiosity about investments of all types, and to share knowledge and insight with all members so they feel comfortable conversing about finance and executing beneficial investment strategies. The Finance Club is a little over one year old and the member base is continually growing. As of now, there are approximately 15–20 active members.

We begin our weekly meetings discussing global, political, economic and market news before viewing a member's presentation on a given topic of interest surrounding investments. The club also uses stock market portfolio simulators to expose members to different strategies and techniques that can be used in the stock market. Each week, members check the current standings in their individual stock market portfolio simulators and discuss logic and strategy behind trades or portfolio composition. Members also pitch a stock to either buy or sell in our club portfolio simulation. Some additional activities include sharing resume tips, networking connections, book suggestions, and having an active presence in the local financial community through our involvement and participation with the Vermont CFA(Chartered Financial Analyst) Society and their events.

If you have an interest in making your money work for you, an interest in the stock market, or would like to learn more about anything surrounding invests from portfolio construction, researching and selecting stocks, to what a bond is or how to save for your first home or retirement you should attend.

Meeting Times:

The club meets every Tuesday from 5:00–6:00PM in the Cornell Room (Ireland 201).

Contact Info: