The MakerClub

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The Champlain MakerClub is dedicated to giving students an accessible, friendly and social experience while visiting and utilizing the MakerLab. We promote the sharing of ideas and interests among active MakerLab members and provides opportunities for students with less experience to work on projects relevant to their interests.

We also seek to expose members to different methods of making things by facilitating activities in many different materials and media. It is our hope that exposing members of the club to this wide spectrum of creative possibilities will make them more comfortable with embarking on all sorts of projects and encourage them to try new things. Our primary goal is to help everyone learn something new about making, whether they're brand new to it or are veteran builders!

Some examples of specific activities that we do include making paper Chauncey T. Beavers, making miniature catapults, making lasercut boxes,creating things with Lego or our vinyl cutter and making lasercut jewelry. Plus, we're always looking for new ideas! 

We generally meet at 5:30 PM on Thursdays in the MakerLab, but times may vary from activity to activity.