P.A.U.S.E. tabling in IDXP.A.U.S.E (People Advocating and Uniting for Social Equity) is an art-activism group comprised of students, staff, faculty and community members dedicated to educating, informing and inspiring other members of the Champlain College and Greater Burlington communities to pause, to question societal systems and their oppressive potential, and then take action to create positive social change on campus, communal and global scales.

Using various mediums of art, advocacy and activism as their canvas, we focus primarily on social justice and human rights issues, understanding that these umbrella terms encompass endless topics that are forever changing. With that stipulation, we recognize the importance of constantly educating ourselves so that we can best respond to the needs of others. We are committed to addressing social justice and human rights issues first on a campus level, believing that education and activism are two of the most potent tools for combating ignorance and the hurt that can so often be the product of a person's lack of awareness.

Through the production and display of performance, visual, written and experiential art, we aim to create a more vibrant, welcoming and fearless campus that is not only aware of the problems present in the world today, but is willing to take action to incite change. In addition, we work to foster an environment where others feel comfortable and encouraged to question and challenge those aspects of life that are oppressive to people, especially those whose voices are not or will not be heard.

Meeting times vary