Cultivating Conscious Consumers

Cultivating Conscious Consumers' Public Deliberation on Conflict Minerals Event.

Cultivating Conscious Consumers believes that it is essential to understand the impact our consumption has upon ourselves and other cultures. We organized to strengthen the three-year-long conflict mineral divestment campaign on campus, a campaign to avoid supporting companies who use conflict minerals in their electronic devices with the money we pay Champlain College. Divestment of conflict minerals is an act of solidarity to stop funding the rebels who perpetuate rape culture in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and to break the silence about sexual violence that also happens on college campuses around the nation. 

We have held a guided sound meditation fundraiser for the Vermont Ibutwa Initiative,  a local non-profit that inspired the club to empower more students to recognize their influence upon the crisis in the Congo. Ibutwa translates to renaissance, a beautiful concept that we are all a part of, artists or not!

Cultivating Conscious Consumers Tabling in the IDX Student Life Center

Another event we were involved with was A Public Deliberation On Conflict Minerals, held by environmental policy majors, to come up with potential solutions to mitigate the harsh impacts of our consumption. Raising awareness about the issue is the first step toward changing it.

We have also tabled with positive affirmations and lavender to share with the community, knowing how heavy the topic of human exploitation is, so that survivors of sexual violence on campus know that we are truly here to support them.

We engage in environmental activism as well and have participated in multiple rallies to support clean energy throughout the semester. Many members have been standing with Standing Rock in solidarity while peacefully protesting the pipeline project in Hinesburg, VT. 

Club members are helping each other grow compassionate awareness about ourselves and the world we are shaping each and every day.

Our meeting times vary.

For the Spring 2017 semester, Cultivating Conscious Consumers will be run by PAUSE