The Champlain Wave

Champlain College Wave Radio Station

The Champlain Wave is the official Champlain College student- and faculty-run variety radio station. The station is based completely online, and runs regularly from August to May out of CCM room 328 A.

At the Wave, students can gain experience as producers, hosts, writers, editors, board operators and social media managers. 

The Champlain Wave staff meets every week on Mondays at 6:00 PM. To learn more or get involved, go to a meeting or email

You can reach out to the Wave for song requests and shoutouts on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

How Is the Champlain Wave Unique?

Unlike many typical college radio stations, the Champlain Wave asks the question what else can you do that is not being done on the air? At the Wave, the goal is to make radio new, fresh and more than just music. Aside from streaming rap, hip-hop, jazz, alternative and rock and roll music 24/7, the station features original talk shows created and hosted by students.

Currently, the Wave has eight talk shows:

  • Midnight Phantom
  • CCin15
  • Movies&
  • Press Start
  • AfroJams54
  • LockJaw Sucks
  • Classic Tales
  • News From the Dam

Tune in during the weekdays for shows that range from discussions about underground media trends, movie and video game reviews, songs from all 54 African countries, and even the weekly news. For a description of each show and on-air hours, visit the official Wave website

Have an original idea for a talk show? We'd love to hear about it! Submit a professional proposal here, and if we're into it, we'll contact you.  

Listen here.