The Well

The Well Lifestyle Magazine

The Well is a lifestyle magazine for young adults produced through Champlain's Magazine Publishing class and in collaboration with the Champlain College Center for Publishing. With a focus on wellness and attention to self, The Well publishes student-written articles in print and online once a semester.

The goal of The Well is to show that wellness is more than just yoga and kale and a squeeze of lemon in the morning. Students write feature articles and themed stories that make the topic of wellness more realistic and approachable for college-aged students. As described by the inaugural editorial team, "Wellness can be anything from relaxing phone apps to theatre class to gym trips. It's a new era where being kind is cool and loving yourself is a movement."

At The Well, students work on an editorial team as writers, copy editors and developmental editors, and gain experience in digital marketing, branding, and magazine layout. Champlain students can get involved with The Well by taking the Magazine Publishing 200-level course or getting involved with the Center for Publishing.

Read The Well online. Like what you read? Check out The Well on Twitter and the Center for Publishing's Facebook for updates on events and publication dates.

Inaugural Issue of The Well Makes the Local Press

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