Willard & Maple

Willard & Maple began in 1994 as a Champlain College class run by Professional Writing professor Jim Ellefson. The course was designed to allow students from all majors to work together and create a literary magazine, the first of which was published in 1996. The magazine is run by undergraduate students with an interest in content selection as well as the overall editing process. Willard & Maple receives submissions from all over the world, and students meet to read, discuss and vote on each piece to decide what will be published in the next volume.

Now, Willard & Maple is a subdivision of the Champlain College Center for Publishing (CFP) . The magazine is run entirely by student volunteers, and anyone is welcome to take part in weekly meetings for work selection. So far, Willard & Maple has published 18 volumes and is currently working on Issue 19.

Willard & Maple will be accepting submissions again beginning in summer 2017, and review for Issue 20 will begin in fall 2017. Poetry, prose and fine art may be submitted to the magazine through through Willard & Maple's Submittable page. Willard & Maple may be contacted through willardandmaple@champlain.edu.