Single Parents Program: Overview

"Thank you so much for a wonderful holiday party, gifts for my children, and everything else you guys do for us! I wouldn't be able to be this successful with out all of the love and support you give."
- Business Student, 2016

Leaders in Single Parent Support

Since 1987, Champlain College has offered a supportive atmosphere for single parents. Since its inception, the Single Parent's Program has provided exceptional advocacy and support to its participants by offering workshops, access to resources and many services designed to help students reach their educational and professional goals.

Early in his tenure Champlain's former president, Dr. David Finney, increased our Single Parents Scholarship with the intent to meet full tuition for single parents who are financially-eligible, undergraduate students who are legal Vermont residents. Successful applicants for the scholarship will add those scholarship funds to their other federal and Vermont state grants and together those funds will cover the cost of tuition.