Robert P. Stiller School of Business Students

The Robert P. Stiller School of Business features seven outstanding bachelor programs in some of the country's most profitable areas of business.

Our programs provide extensive hands-on learning opportunities through marketplace practice projects, simulations and case studies, as well as fantastic internship opportunities. You can also gain highly marketable skills through participating in business specializations and minors from across the College.

You'll also have tremendous opportunities to experience professional settings through internships at businesses in Burlington, Vermont; Montreal, Canada; Dublin, Ireland; and beyond, as well as establishing your own business through the Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

Read our student stories below to learn more about the Stiller School of Business. If you think Champlain might be the right place for you, complete the form at the right and we'll send you information about Champlain.

Skiing + Math = Her Perfect Internship

When looking at colleges, I knew I wanted to be in Vermont because I love snowboarding. I came to Admitted Student Day and fell in love with Champlain's campus. The College seemed to have everything I wanted, and once I started taking Accounting classes, I knew this was where I was supposed to be.

The faculty here were there for me. They were always available to answer any questions and they gave me a lot of opportunities: they selected me for multiple awards, nominated me to be the accountant for The Lodge, and my faculty advisor was really helpful with planning out how I can spend a year abroad and still reach the 150 credits I needed to sit for the CPA exam. Ultimately, I want to be the accountant for a ski resort, and my professors also helped me get an accounting internship at Sugarbush. I think that every job experience I get is definitely an advantage, but interning at Sugarbush shows that I'm not going into the ski industry blindly. I've already seen what it's like to work in an accounting department at a ski resort. By the time I graduated, I've gained even more experience, and I know I have all the tools I need to enter the field.

Her Third Internship is with a Big Four

I got a scholarship to come to the United States when I was 15, and I went to high school at St. Johnsbury Academy in Vermont. I decided on Champlain because I like the size of the school, and I heard they have a great accounting program. In Accounting, everything makes sense. To sit for the CPA exams, I added a Finance minor.

I had my third internship with one of the big four accounting firms in Boston, and I've already started receiving my acceptance letters from graduate schools. Eventually I want to go home and help contribute to my country through the small businesses there.

He's solidifying his knowledge.

I enrolled into Champlain as an undeclared Business student, and I quickly discovered that my passion was in Accounting. By the end of my first year, I had declared a major, and the Accounting program is going really well. I liked all my classes, and I enjoyed the focus I had, specifically in my Intermediate Accounting class because we went in-depth with each aspect of financial accounting.

My favorite experience so far has been tutoring. Tutoring in the Math & Accounting Lab has been the most rewarding experience because not only do I get to help my peers, but I'm also learning, relearning and solidifying the content in my own mind. Some of these topics you can forget within a month or two, and when you're helping a first-year student do their financial accounting homework, while you've done it and know how to do it, it helps to relearn with the student through their own weaknesses. Hopefully, you help them develop strengths.

I feel confident that I'll be able to find a place for myself in the job market and hopefully begin my career while continuing my education. I can't wait to start working in the field of accounting.


She's become a professional.

I have had wonderful experiences as an Accounting major in the Stiller School of Business. I've worked in the Math & Accounting Lab since my first year. I participated in the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program, where I was able to put my knowledge to use to help individuals in the Burlington community file their taxes. I was also the Vice President of the Accounting Club.

Over the course of my time here, I've had two internships. My first internship was at Davis & Hodgdon Associate CPAs, and I'm currently interning at Green Mountain Concert Services (GMCS), where I'm responsible for putting payroll into QuickBooks, bank reconciliations and any other tasks that the CFO and other accountants need help with. I definitely think that the hands-on experience I've had at my internships gives me a competitive advantage because I've been exposed to the professional atmosphere.

I believe that my education and my experience here have transformed me from a student to a professional. The Stiller School of Business has brought real world examples into the classroom and has allowed me to learn about acceptable business practices in a more relaxed environment.

I strongly believe that I'll be able to find a job in my field and be successful beginning my career. After graduation, I plan on pursuing a CPA license. I would love to work in public accounting, ideally for one of the Big Four firms, while studying for the exam.


She'll graduate with two degrees.

Champlain seemed like an ideal school. When I was accepted and received a scholarship, it became even more of an option for me. After coming to Vermont for the first time for Admitted Student Day, I really loved it.

I started at Champlain as an undeclared Business student. Of all my business courses, I really enjoyed my accounting classes. They resonated with me because of where I went to high school (Maine School of Science and Mathematics). It seemed like a good career path, especially with the option to double major in Finance. After my first year, I declared a double major in Accounting and Finance.

Accounting and Finance tie into each other a lot. My classes are all specific to accounting and finance. They're math classes, and I love math, but they're more comprehensive and about understanding the numbers. And with summer courses and credit flexibility, I'll be able to graduate in four years rather than five.

A lot of people who graduated from the Accounting program worked in the Accounting Lab with me, and they had job offerings set up by second semester of their senior year. They were definitely prepared and had the opportunities to acquire those jobs. I am certain of myself and my capabilities, and I know I'll definitely be prepared for the job market after graduation, too.

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She Can't Wait to Learn

I chose Champlain because I liked that it's a smaller and closely connected school, but is still in the heart of downtown Burlington. The atmosphere makes everyone feel safe, and the beauty of the school makes you never want to leave. I enjoy going everywhere, like Oakledge Park in Burlington to have a barbecue and play Frisbee with friends.

I felt comfortable at Champlain. The faculty and staff are all wonderful, and my major made me passionate about my future career. It was nice to go to a school that allows teacher-student appreciation. The classes are small and interactive. I didn't leave the room feeling bored. The Core Curriculum also really helped me improve my writing skills and keep in mind that I need to stay creative. At first, I wasn't entirely sure that I wanted to study Business Administration because I have many passions, but the program gaves me so many options for my career, including the option to change things up completely. I am so happy with my choice and I can't wait to earn a degree here.

He's Building a Foundation

When I was looking for colleges, I hired an expert to help me find the perfect fit. I had the opportunity to come out to Champlain, visit the campus and speak with several professors. Because of the amazing academic system that Champlain offers, I decided to submit my application as Early Decision.

I have always had a deep love for the art of music, and have been DJing for ten years, and my music has been heard in over twenty countries. But no one can survive in the entertainment world without watching their own back. I decided to major in Business Administration at Champlain and master in music elsewhere. There are many programs, teachers and classes that have supported my interest in being a business major and applying it to DJ entertainment. I'm learning new ways to market myself as a DJ, which has helped me stay not just one step, but several steps ahead of my competition. Also, because Champlain has the type of teachers that care about you as a person and not just a number, I have had countless interactions with my teachers to discuss how I can improve marketing my DJ name. After living here, I have DJed for corporate events and made a decent mark on Church Street. With the help of Champlain, I have DJed well over fifty events this school year. Champlain has helped me go from a nobody to one of the top requested DJs in Burlington.

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Her true passions are in business.

I switched into International Business my sophomore year, and over my four years at Champlain, I've gained a lot of experience from jobs, class projects and even studying abroad in Dublin.

I never thought I'd go to Ireland, but I loved it. I had never really left the East Coast, but now I've gone to more countries than states outside of the East Coast. While I was in Dublin, I interned at HKM Media, a local magazine company. From huge projects, like working on important spreadsheets for both Totally Dublin magazine and a website called Lessmore, to phoning companies to gather information for these tasks, I was able to partake in the background work of this type of business. It was definitely worth it to partake in an internship abroad since it was a great experience gaining important skills I can use in the future.

When I came back from Dublin, I declared a Marketing minor. I liked the creative aspects of marketing and how different it is; every country is so different with varying values and cultures, so it seemed to compliment my degree.

After graduation, I want to be able to travel and explore the world more over the next several years while I am still young and able to do this. Since I am majoring in International Business and already have some experience abroad, hopefully I'll have luck finding a job internationally.

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He tried something new.

Back home, I worked for Burton Snowboards and my family knew how much I enjoyed it. When I was looking for a college, they were helping me find schools that had snow and something to do with Burton. My sister found that students from Champlain College have interned with Burton Snowboards. That was enough to get me interested, and I applied Early Decision I; here I am now, living the good life at Champlain.

During Orientation, we heard about all the majors in the business division, and my dad said I should try the new Management & Innovation program. It sounded fun. As a first year student, I was taking basic business classes, and as a sophomore, I was introduced to my first real Management & Innovation course: Creativity & Innovations. It's a marvelous class that's all about creativity and thinking, and how to make the ideas you devise innovative; every time I left the class, I felt enlightened.

All the professors really want to help you. They strive to see that all their students are getting what they need to learn and move forward and conquer the world. Every professor reiterates that when you graduate and leave Champlain, you will have so many more tools than other students graduating from other colleges, which is definitely reassuring. As far as finding a job after school, I'm pretty confident that I will make it happen.


He's prepared to lead the IT industry.

I had no idea what I wanted to do. I knew I was interested in business, both working with people and in numbers, so I was undeclared in the Stiller School of Business. In the first semester, I saw all of my friends in the different business majors and the different divisions. I saw their experiences thanks to the Upside-Down Curriculum. By the end of my first semester, I knew what major I wanted and declared Management & Innovation by the holidays.

I used Champlain's major-specific one-sheets pretty heavily when deciding my major because you can compare classes between each program. A lot of my classes were brand-new for the major. I not only had the opportunity to have new classes, but I also got to work with the professors to transform the courses in real-time. I've had the experience of an awesome professor asking me for help once I had the right knowledge.

Management & Innovation prepared me for the world after school, with a big focus in technology. With how fast technology is changing, there are going to be jobs created that didn't exist when I entered Champlain. With my program, I'm prepared to lead those IT people.


She may become an inventor.

The Management & Innovation major made sense to me. I had done two years of business, four years of accounting, and one year of marketing classes in high school, so I had a lot of experience already, but Management & Innovation was something I didn't even know existed. It was so different and innovative.

In my first innovation class, we were handed a plastic fork and told to think of 50 ways it could be improved. We were told there were different techniques we could use, like putting it under our pillows because the most creative time is when you sleep. I got so excited and I had 53 different ways. It was a great introduction to the class because it shows you that if you take a step out of the box, it really opens up your mind. Who knew there were 53 ways a plastic fork could be improved? Maybe, I'll become an inventor. It's been like that every class. It's a really fun major, that's for sure.

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She feels grateful every day.

As a transfer student, I fell in love with Champlain for all the personal attention shown to students and the desire to help them excel. I felt that the smaller size of the student body was much more conducive to making meaningful friendships with peers as well as professors. Also, studying business administration at my previous school felt like I was neglecting a certain creative "itch." Discovering Champlain's Management of Creative Media major was so exciting because it was the perfect hybrid of developing business skills and specializing in a chosen creative field.

The Management of Creative Media program was rigorous, hands-on, interactive and experiential. Professors engaged with students in class discussions, assigned interesting projects and really made an effort to provide a meaningful education. I love that Champlain professors and advisors do a remarkable job getting to know their students and making themselves available. I'm always impressed by how much they are preparing us for the real world through opportunities, resources and connections that will lead to success after graduation.

My time at Champlain has absolutely already been transformational. Having transferred here, I could not be happier with my life and my education.

*The name of this major changed to Game Production Management in 2016.

His Confidence has Grown

I've always been really interested in video games, but I didn't know where I could fit into the game industry. I originally came to Champlain as a Game Design student, but all the types of design and programming weren't for me.

When I looked at what it was about my classes that I liked, it was working in the small groups and being part of a collaborative team. One of my professors used a metaphor to describe the producer in a team, saying they are the grease that keeps the cogs in motion, and that really resonated with me. I transferred into the Management of Creative Media program with a specialization in Game Management before the end of my first year. My experience as a producer has been great. I had no confidence when I came into Champlain, just because I had no idea what I was doing. I've learned so much about how to create an efficient group and team dynamic, and I'm gaining a grasp of what I'll be doing in my future career.

During his junior year, Patrick also studied abroad in Montreal where he interned with Vandal Games.

Read about Patrick's Montreal experience.

*The name of this major changed to Game Production Management in 2016.


She learns from her peers.

There were so many things about Champlain that made me fall in love with it. During my first visit, I had a great tour guide who told me about Burlington, and I was completely sold. It only got better after that, with the beautiful campus and residence halls. I was also drawn to this college because of my major: there aren't many schools that have something like Management of Creative Media.

It's a really interesting major because it combines creative classes and business classes to give you a well-rounded background. I've also taken one class in my Publication Management specialization each semester, and they've given me great insight into the creative fields. Everyone else in those classes were beginners just like me, so it wasn't overwhelming at all. I've met some great people and learned a lot about how they think, so I'll be able to work with people in these fields in the future.

I would love to find a job in arts management. Champlain has already helped me find two amazing internships in that field, including my current internship at the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts, and it's given me the real-world experience I needed to feel prepared to enter the job market. Burlington is a city full of possibilities, and Champlain encourages you to take advantage of every one.

*The name of this major changed to Game Production Management in 2016.

He Dove Right In

Champlain is a school where you dive right into your major. They give you the right classes, so you know if you really want to be doing your major for a living. They give you inspiration for your career. My teachers always offered office hours. They encouraged us to come see them whenever we need help. It definitely got away from the stereotype of a large college where you're just a number. There's no distance between the students and faculty.

Burlington feels right. There are so many things to do outside of class, including events downtown that can be used in school. I can go to see a local band, then write about it for a class in my major. Burlington has become where I live, not just where I go to school. I fell in love with the place. Champlain seems as if it were meant to be here. It has become part of the city.

*The name of this major changed to Game Production Management in 2016.

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He's graduating early.

My whole life I've wanted to study advertising, film production, business and corporate law. In the end, I ended up choosing Marketing. It was a good mix of creativity and advertising with a business constant.

Champlain's Marketing program is absolutely amazing. Each semester, I worked with a different business. So, my first year I worked with Salaam Clothing, Tent City, and Artemis Fitness. Sophomore year I got more involved with all of the other areas of campus, so I did marketing with the Event Center and worked with LEAD, and I also got an internship with COTS. Then, I did  marketing for UVM, and I interned with the New Zealand American Football Federation (NZAFF) while I studied abroad.

I want to work in sports event marketing, ideally with the NFL, and while in New Zealand, I could take their sports and recreation courses, and I did marketing for the NZAFF. That's a huge opportunity that I wouldn't have had in Burlington, but I did because I went to Champlain.

I was supposed to graduate in May 2016, but I've taken so many classes that I graduated a semester early. I'm very ready to leave and get my dream job after college. I could see myself graduating and, within six months, having a marketing or community relations assistant job with an NFL team.


She's Using Her Skills Inside and Outside of Class

During my first year, I became close with my professors. Many went from being professors to role-models, to mentors, to friends. From them, I gained tremendous confidence, especially within my field, and reassurance that my education completely prepared me to enter the workforce.

I was encouraged by Champlain to take on so many opportunities. As an officer of the Ski & Ride club, I was able to devise marketing approaches to our events with limited budgets. It was exciting to see my friends' and my ideas come to fruition.

I also studied abroad in Dunedin, New Zealand during my junior year which was 100% the highlight of my time at Champlain. I traveled, hiked, snowboarded, hitchhiked, bungee-jumped and encountered the most amazing people and culture. 

A close second was receiving the Freeman Foundation Grant to live and work in Shanghai, China. I learned and grew more in those three months than I ever could have imagined. While there, I worked for a fashion and tourism start-up,, within a digital marketing agency, Mailman Group. It was eye-opening to not only live in China, but also to be working there, alongside locals and other internationals.  

My other internships included a Consumer Insights internship at Outdoor Gear Exchange, a Client Group internship at KSV, and an Insights internship at Fuse. Combining the excitement I had for consumer insights and research, and the passion I had for understanding new cultures from my travels, I decided to exclusively pursue strategy positions in advertising, as it was what I loved most. 

Upon graduating, Lauren landed a brand planning internship at MullenLowe, a competitive Boston-based ad agency. At MullenLowe, she has worked on projects as a researcher and strategizer, including a campaign with Hyatt hotels focused on developing an emotional connection with their clients. Lauren was offered a full-time job as a Junior Strategist in August and instantly accepted. You can read more about the results of Lauren's work with MullenLowe in this Adweek feature of Hyatt's campaign, "You've Come To Far To Settle Now." 


She Danced Her Way Into Marketing

Originally, I applied to Champlain as an education major, but I didn't know about the connections I could make between dance and marketing. A lot of my experiences have been working with outside clients; I put on two fundraisers for Spielpalast, and I wouldn't have been able to do that without the knowledge I gained from my classes at Champlain.

In one of my first classes, my professor asked us, "What is marketing?" No one raised their hand, and I thought, "What did I get myself into?" My professor was the type of person who you wanted to impress so I worked really hard to understand marketing and become a good presenter. I've seen a confidence in myself that's grown tremendously in all areas.  

Burlington has a lot to offer in terms of performing arts. While interning at the Flynn, I danced in productions, and I'm hoping that will turn into a job. I've been able to teach dance classes at UVM and Swan Dojo, and the Spielpalast Cabaret has been a huge part of my life; having the opportunity to be in a production of that capacity has been amazing. With the connections I've been making from dancing and the opportunities to apply what I'm learning, I've been intertwining my dream with my time at Champlain.

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