BS in Integrated Studies: How it Works

The online Integrated Studies bachelor's program is your opportunity to customize a degree based on your professional experiences and educational background, and potentially reduce your time to completion. It recognizes the remarkable journeys that adult students take prior to completing a bachelor's degree.

The Integrated Studies degree is ideal if you have completed some post-secondary coursework, obtained professional training and/or certifications, and are seeking to leverage these experiences by creating a unique focus area within your bachelor's degree that maximizes the number of credits you can transfer in. Examples of past focus areas for Integrated Studies bachelor's students include military studies, international relations and operations management. Our admissions representatives are on hand to discuss your unique experiences, and to help you determine if the online B.S. in Integrated Studies degree is the right degree option for you.

When your transfer credits are evaluated during the application process, a focus area will be recommended by our dean based on your specific academic and professional journey. Once you've been accepted to the program, you'll work with your academic advisor to build our the remainder of your degree plan that includes a well-rounded breadth and depth of professional and general education courses that are applicable to a variety of fields including business, human services and more.