Online Graduate Certificate in Employment Law

The Champlain College Online Employment Law Graduate Certificate is designed for business professionals looking to deepen their knowledge of the legalities involved in this highly-regulated field. This certificate will give you the confidence you need to guide the strategic and tactical management of an organization's talent in this increasingly global and diverse environment.

Each 3-credit course will be completed over an 8-week term. This certificate may be embedded in the Champlain College Online MBA and the MS in Accounting degrees, or as a stand-alone certificate.*  

By taking this graduate-level online certificate you will learn to:  

  • Determine the appropriate strategies for dispute resolution, internally as well as between organizations
  • Manage employment and labor responsibilities under state and federal regulations to ensure legal compliance, including the privacy of records
  • Evaluate employment and labor agreements analyze provisions to protect your organization's legal interests while achieving business goals
  • Appraise the ethical implications of opportunities and choices in the face of opposing pressures

Note: Federal financial aid is only available for associate, bachelor's and master's degree programs. Stand-alone certificate programs are ineligible for financial aid.


Course #Course TitleCredits
ELAW 505 Employment Law 3
ELAW 510 Employment Discrimination 3
ELAW 515 Labor Law 3
ELAW 520 Legal Aspects of Human Resources 3
Total Credits to Earn This Certificate: 12