MS Executive Leadership

Online Executive Leadership Master's Degree

Earn a Transformational Degree 100% Online in One Year

Do you aspire to lead authentically, serving as a role model for others in your organization? Would you like to learn more about your leadership potential and how to develop and hone your leadership acumen? Champlain College Online's Master of Science in Executive Leadership is designed to teach you all of this, and more about yourself than you ever thought possible, while developing you as a transformational leader.

What is transformational leadership? When an organization or department is led by a transformational leader, the energy and enthusiasm are palpable. Those working under the leader have a sense of purpose, can clearly articulate the leader's vision and are both inspired and motivated to achieve it. Transformational leaders are self-aware, and they succeed by tapping into the strengths of others, ensuring individual growth and success, and therefore the success of the organization. In this unique, personalized and 100% online leadership program, you will be supported, challenged and motivated by your instructor-role models and your cohort: an intimate group of fellow leader-students with whom you will progress through the program. You'll forge long-lasting bonds and gain life-changing awareness of yourself, along with leadership knowledge and skills that will yield lasting results.

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Benefits of the MS in Executive Leadership

  • Finish Your Degree Fully Online in One Year. The MS in Executive Leadership offers motivated students the opportunity to complete their master's degree fully online in one intensive year of study. Because the program is highly applied and reflective, you will be generating academic work that is of immediate use and value to you personally, as well as to your employer.
  • Discover Your Leadership Approach. Throughout this year-long program, you will develop a deep understanding of your personal value system that informs your approach to leading both people and organizations. The nature of the program's intensive 6-credit courses creates a mindful, reflective environment that encourages vulnerability and facilitates growth essential for personal development.
  • Build Your Leadership Capacity Through Applied Learning. Universally, the courses provide opportunities to incorporate what you are learning about yourself and about leading others in your workplace. Expanded critical and creative thinking and communication will create the capacity for you to effectively lead to meet the demands of your organization's changing environment.
  • Learn from Seasoned Leadership Experts. In addition to the strength of Champlain's faculty and administrators who hold advanced degrees in leadership, the MS in Executive Leadership draws its faculty from the College's roster of proven, seasoned leadership instructors along with select national experts.

Career Preparation

In today's nonprofits, corporations, the public sector, NGOs and more, the need for mindful, engaged and visionary leadership is clear. With the retirement of baby boomers imminent, organizations across all industry sectors are actively seeking individuals with the skills to lead at the middle, senior and executive management levels. The MS in Executive Leadership has been created specifically to meet this demand.