Online Human Relations & Organization Development Certificate

The online human relations and organization development certificate will expose you to the complexities of human behavior in an organizational setting, and how these behaviors affect individual performance, group dynamics, and organizational objectives. You will learn how to effectively manage and lead people, communicate effectively both in person and digitally, approach and manage conflict, and apply positive psychology and appreciative inquiry to professional settings.

Our online Human Relations and Organization Development Certificate will:

  • Allow you to assess group and individual behaviors in organizational settings and how these behaviors affect performance and outcomes
  • Teach you to apply communication theory and research to address the particular challenges to communicating effectively in organizations
  • Give you the tools to identify and overcome possible sources of conflict in interpersonal, group, and organizational contexts, and to work through conflict appropriately and successfully when it occurs
  • Help you navigate the rapidly changing nature of communication in the digital age
  • Explore concepts including appreciative inquiry, positive organizational scholarship, positive psychology, design theory, and the rise of sustainable enterprises

Note: Federal financial aid is only available for associate, bachelor's and master's degree programs. Stand-alone certificate programs are ineligible for financial aid.

Human Relations and Organization Development Certificate Program Curriculum*

Our undergraduate certificate in human relations and organization development is designed for working adults, and equips students with foundational knowledge of the fundamentals of human resources and management that can be applied to their workplaces from day one.

When you study human relations and organization development online, you will be taking business and human resources classes, professional courses, and general education courses, all of which are focused and relevant to today's business professionals. And because all of our human relations and organization development certificate courses are included in our Business Management associate and bachelor's degree programs, your certificate can be earned as either a stand-alone credential or as a step along your path towards a degree.

 Course # Course TitleCredits
MGMT 280 Organizational Development 3
COMM 340 Organizational Communication 3
COMM 350 Conflict Management 3
COMM 360 Social Interaction in a Digital Age 3
MGMT 430 Positive Organization Development 3

* Some courses in this certificate program may have prerequisites. Please click on the course name for a description and prerequisite information. If prerequisites are listed that are not currently part of the certificate program please call an admissions representative at 888-269-6523 for more information.