MS Human Relations and Organization Development

Online Human Relations & Organization Development Master's Degree

100% Online Degree Teaches How to Successfully Lead and Manage Diverse Talent

Do you dream of contributing your expertise in human resources and organizational development to your workplace in a meaningful way? Are you inspired by the possibility of using a human resources lens to become a strategic business partner within your organization? The world of business-from the public sector, to nonprofits, to private industry-is looking for professionals like you. And Champlain College Online's MS in Human Relations and Organization Development prepares you to meet this growing need.  

In today's competitive business environment, the ability to develop engaged workers and build a creative workplace is essential to any organization's success. What's more, the multicultural nature of the current workforce provides new opportunities to leverage diverse worldviews and synthesize global perspectives to create a dynamic environment for all employees. Our MS in Human Relations and Organization Development is designed for professionals who wish to further their organization's goals by understanding how human capital is key to a business's growth. The online courses teach students the principles of managing employees, the foundations of organizational behavior theory, and the HR metrics that increase efficiency when recruiting, hiring, managing, and retaining top talent.

Designed for Mid-Career Professionals or Those Seeking to Join the Field

Students gain a competitive advantage by choosing to complete embedded certificates in Employment Law, Leadership or Positive Organization Development. The opportunity for specialization combined with a stand-alone graduate program in HR and organization development make the Champlain College Online program an exciting turning point for HR professionals taking the next step in their work life. The degree is also ideal for applicants preparing to launch a career in organizational development and HR.   

Benefits of the MS in Human Relations and Organization Development

  • Complete Courses 100% Online. Earn your graduate degree from wherever you live and enjoy the convenience and flexibility of a remote course of study.
  • Hone Coaching Skills to Develop Self-Aware Leaders. Cultivate an organization's leaders through sophisticated and effective coaching techniques.
  • Build an Understanding of Ethics in the Workplace. Integrate ethical frameworks into your organization's culture and apply what you've learned to on-the-ground problem solving.
  • Learn from Experts in the Field. Courses are led by practitioner-scholars with extensive experience in their respective fields.
  • Earn Your Specialized Certificate. Organizations are hungry for professionals with expert knowledge in the HR field. Stand above the competition with an embedded certificate in Employment Law, Leadership or Positive Organization Development.